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Net loan rating of the first case verdict bad evaluation does not constitute a commercial slander

was thought to himself with a lower rating is commercial defamation, P2P net loan platform into 360 short financial network will be taken to court, seeking compensation for their loss of 500 thousand yuan. The rating agencies and the company to court, the first time in the net loan industry history, is China’s first net loan rating unfair competition case, was known as "the first case of net loan rating".

in the environment of the current net loan market, who are eligible for net loan rating? Can carry out rating competitors? Whether the P2P net loan platform that is on the low level rating will constitute defamation? The day before, "the first net loan rating unfair competition case verdicts, the court rejected" short financial network operators Long billion Hengyuan (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd. all claims Rong century Information Technology Co. Ltd. of Beijing into 360 operators, and make a determination on the above issues.

net loan rating won

in recent years, the rapid development of China’s P2P net loan industry, the formation of thousands of P2P net loan platform in a short time. It is understood that the company has a long billion short melt net P2P net loan platform, since its inception in May 2014, the rapid growth of the scale of business, which claims to be the industry in the shortest possible time to obtain A round of financing net loan platform.

financial management platform for the integration of 360 Century Co is a major financial products to provide vertical search services company, some of the business and the existence of a long cross billion company. From the beginning of 2015, the company with the Renmin University of China International Institute for P2P net loan platform to carry out rating activities, regularly publish rating report, each report for about 100 P2P net loan platform are divided by A to C.

February 2015 and in May, melt 360 has released two years net loan rating report. Short financial network in these two rating reports were rated C and C-. Among them, the C level was interpreted as risk tolerance is weak, brand awareness is low, the investment needs to be considered carefully, C- level was interpreted as the overall strength of the weakest, the higher the risk, the investment need to be cautious".

short financial network does not recognize the financial rating of 360, and put forward the cause of its goodwill depreciation rating. In September 2015, the short financial network to constitute defamation grounds into 360 to court, asking them to remove the rating and related articles, eliminating the effects of compensation for economic loss of 500 thousand yuan.

in this case, long advocated the implementation of the billion company into the Century Co of fabricating and spreading false facts, reasons including Century Co and long billion company in competition, financial Century Co acquisition for rating report data, false information is not complete, the rating system is not scientific and reasonable.

more than a year later, the middle times of trial, the case on December 27, 2016 in Beijing Haidian court hammer. The court dismissed the short financial network operators Long billion financial companies in the financial business of all 360 financial litigation. The plaintiff said it would continue to appeal.


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