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Stationmaster net broadcast WeChat 6.1 beta shake upgrade 360 search history domain inventory

1.iOS version of the WeChat 6.1 open beta: shake the upgrade and shocked the world "message"  

news January 6th, iOS client version of WeChat recently opened a new round of targeted invitation internal experience, WeChat 6.1 version to come, WeChat division "Wu report" said that "this is a news shocked the world, is still all confidential".

We now know about the

6.1 version of WeChat news: WeChat "shake" will also be with the 6.1 version of the line to launch new features, WeChat users can directly roll out nearby business envelopes, coupons, can search out a nearby restaurant information. It is reported that the radar (near the people) have similar functions. The day before, this function is to measure, but also the specific rules so the formal version of the line, but according to WeChat team certification, it is certain that I don’t have to worry about us to grab the red.

2.360 search domain name history: good search kill upper  

news January 6th, good Acura domain name no, but let the long Pinyin domain name host, Qihoo 360 and Zhou Hongyi what? This is probably a lot of people launched a new independent brand "search" in 360, with 6 character Pinyin domain name for the best 2 letter domain name the biggest question. isn’t that good,


good search upper record

is indeed better than the 2 letter domain name, Pinyin domain name both in length, or in the user’s input is not dominant. Just on the domain itself, the two domain names, although not as the gap between heaven and the ground, but at least is also dumped several street. However, from the 360’s new independent brand "search", Larry domain is brand the most appropriate.

3 "O" you head! Inventory 2014 O2O project death list  

O2O, the Chinese invented their own English words, in the venture capital market from 2014 to the end of fire. Entrepreneurs to himself mad O2O label; investors released big, called non O2O project investment. So, Manicure, housekeeping, car market, then even massage, barber came to O2O. Imagine that a O out of the scene, straight let people be struck dumb in a cold sweat.

dark horse brother want to say, O2O is not a panacea, not only listen to the trouble, should beware of the roadside after like a swarm of bees. Nonsense does not say that we will fail today O2O one to say to you.


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