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CCTV dialogue Ma Huateng, Wang Xing, an nternet chat under the mouth of the

June 2016, the board of directors of the Tencent Inc chairman and CEO Ma Huateng, the United States Mission CEO Wang, 58 group CEO Yao Jinbo gathered a large coffee, for Internet plus the future, what they think? Tencent "connection, open" strategy in the future will show how to deploy? And why is he again emphasize the "half life" to his partner? The most important!! the Internet bigwigs forecast the next outlet, predict the pony elder brother is with 30 words of unpunctuated do interpretation! Li! More wonderful in the "dialogue" program, 21:50 on July 3rd a secret!

!The background of this dialogue is the release of

, the Research Institute of Tencent "Chinese" Internet plus 2016 "index report", it is a digital GDP report released by big data research in Tencent — "Internet plus" in the 351 National City have achieved growth, covering retail, finance, transportation, medical education, culture, entertainment, catering and accommodation, tourism, business services, the service life of the ten major industries. This is sufficient to prove that the mobile Internet and the real economy is not only inseparable, but also a strong pull two or three lines and even more economic development of the city.

"Internet plus" is focusing on the force and depth. Wu Hequan, chairman of the China Internet association, described the future direction of China’s Internet will be the depth of the application, which is more closely integrated with the Internet and life services and other industries.

for the Internet buzz word tuyere, Ma Huateng, Wang Xing and Yao Jinbo have their own understanding.

as the 58 group CEO, yaojinbo him in the eyes of the outlet is connected depth: "Internet coverage to a certain proportion, the depth of the user, including with the combination of various industries, especially combined with the life service industry has just begun. So I’m very optimistic about the next ten years."

"I also think that the Internet is just beginning to help and improve all aspects of our lives." Connect the potential Xinmei big CEO Wang Xing also optimistic about the Internet plus. Take food for example, although this is the first big new has qianyiji market penetration, but less than 3%, obviously, both the new big or other competitors, as long as the combined with industry "depth" and "close" to constantly force, development prospects are very optimistic.


" Internet plus "is in fact to all industries, all the industry a great opportunity. And the number of users, compared to the number of terminals, the more critical is the degree of integration of the industry and its depth. We now see in the third industry, the service industry has begun to combine some areas, but the depth is not enough. For example, life service is progressing very well, but in the financial sector has just started. We also see second industries, manufacturing, in the mobile phone, television, home appliances, and even smart electric cars have begun to have some start, but like agriculture, industry, and most have not started. Future space is still very broad." Ma Huateng understanding

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