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nternet Captive abuse of monopoly power


monopoly enterprises open a "gate", and called for sharing open user "captive" to isolated castle, may eventually lead to Chinese Internet industry in the oligopoly farther down the road

reporter Yong Zhongwei trainee reporter

September 2nd, Baidu World Congress 2011, on the issue of false advertising connection, Robin Li avoided the question of the reporter on the scene.

Prior to

, Robin Li on CCTV reported to internal mail "I said, as the company’s CEO, in a very sad, with deep hatred and resentment at the same time, will also assume full responsibility."

commitment to the specific performance of Baidu Inc’s public apology. In a program for CCTV Baidu phoenix nest advertising system, a series of exposures, vice president of Baidu sales Wang Zhan in the financial channel "economic information network", made a "apology", it seems in the industry, this is not an interview "".

"if an apology is useful, but also to the police?" "national financial weekly" in an interview with reporters, former general manager, senior consulting World Internet commentators Qu Xiaodong said, "for the Tencent, Baidu and other companies, the apology is the lowest cost, and even can be said that there is no cost. From this point of view, let them apologize ten thousand times, far better to give them a ticket to be effective."

apology seems to have become Chinese Internet companies, especially the monopoly of Internet companies, in response to the problem of the magic weapon of choice. From 360 and Tencent of the war, to the transfer of Alibaba and Alipay gray fraud, each accident, in addition to apologize, the Internet giants have not been substantive penalty.

analysts pointed out that after the staking competition caused by the market competition of natural monopoly giants, through cheap apology to deal with all kinds of accusations, and China Internet users, seems to be an apology in the group to nothingness.

Internet industry has fallen into the extreme means, the fierce competition for the Internet portal, a new round of industrial monopoly pattern will emerge.

monopoly under the "open"

Entrance, Tencent

users of Baidu’s Alibaba, trading, when the three occupied the three upstream part of the Internet industry, "the decline portal".

"in China, the print media is working for the portal, and the portal is to search engines work." In the Baidu fast after the media had such evaluation. Zhang Zhaoyang, chairman of the board of directors of Sohu in the areas involved in the video, privately lamented, "the portal had robbed print jobs, now have to grab the TV people’s livelihood, this is not what luxury thing."

5 years ago, Ma said that the Internet should not be monopolized by a large site, >

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