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Barbaric growth of P2P regulation and the operation risk of attack coming reshuffle


at the end of July, a Chongqing P2P began to dispose of illegal business "news shows, after the central bank earlier this month to convene the relevant industry thoroughly discussion, P2P has gradually entered the regulators view.

rectification by the Chongqing finance office, Chongqing trade and Industry Bureau, Chongqing Public Security Bureau, Chongqing banking regulatory bureau, the central bank Chongqing business management department and other departments jointly, which lasted three months. The media, the letter advised Chongqing branch and other five P2P companies suspected of illegal fund-raising, the relevant departments for rectification by repaying the existing debt.

, according to media reports, these companies illegal gathering capital way mainly has the following three kinds: one is to sponsor guarantees and promises of fixed income, participate in lending and sales of financial products, the two is to invest in companies committed to private fixed income is three years, sales of fixed income returns the issuance of commercial prepaid cards to gather capital the absorption, the funds did not directly into the borrower’s account, but entered the company or its legal representative account, then lending to non specified objects.

letter to the company on July 25th issued a statement saying that the letter should be inclusive of Chongqing branch of the work, customer service and orderly conduct, to legal compliance for the majority of individuals and Small and micro businesses to provide credit counseling services.

should be in the P2P model of the "alternative" representative. Originally, P2P (peer to lending) is an individual to individual lending, is a direct way to rely on the Internet between the individual financing peer. P2P as an intermediary, not involved in the transaction. This model originated in 2005 was born in the United Kingdom Zopa company.

and should be taken to the letter of credit transfer mode, involved in the transaction, so there is a point of view, the letter should not be called the strict sense of the P2P.

actually, half of the information intermediary platform for domestic P2P company is not strictly, but a lot of work, for example, a person may have to borrow money from people; one online lending relationship, claims will be traded on the Internet; construction funds pool; "guarantee" etc..

generally believe that although P2P is not a financial institution, but most of the participants in the P2P itself as a financial institution or quasi financial institutions in the development, management. Correspondingly, it is lack of financial supervision in the wilderness industry.

in addition to the absence of regulatory risk, the Chinese model of the P2P industry is also facing credit risk, liquidity risk. This adds a lot of uncertainty to the future of P2P.

"very careful." A P2P entrepreneur describes the current state of mind.

barbaric growth of P2P

in foreign countries, the United States the largest P2P platform LendingClub has accumulated $2 billion transaction >

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