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Should know, ask How long can the knowledge payment model live

share the economy in full swing, and now, the era of knowledge pay seems to come.

May 15, 2016, the hatch shell products – "line" under the "paid voice inquiry platform to answer" on the line, in a short period of time more than a month, "a hot topic should" on the frequently maxed circle of friends, micro-blog and boarded the major media, the "answer" to become the Internet hot phenomenon "high degree of the explosion".

now, paying more than 1 million users, the transaction amount of more than 18 million, the daily payment of more than 190 thousand pen…… Split the knowledge to pay the incision.

According to a thirteen

founder Ji said, from May 15th to June 27th, WeChat launched the holding of foreign conference should produced a total of about 10000000 authorized access to about 1000000 subscribers, 330 thousand people opened a main page, resulting in a 500 thousand voice response, 18 million yuan of the total amount of orders, re purchase rate reached 43%.

some people will not consciously think should took large V resources of knowledge, Ji thirteen responded by saying "if fans have on other platforms they would like to come over is not a good thing, why should train themselves, if I attract people today and his own fans over, this is an advantage not inferior."

pay for knowledge competition has just begun. Win or lose, knowledge and in line jointly opened the door, and thirst for knowledge of the public, interested in the mobile payment more convenient to be used, the knowledge era is quietly coming.

know almost

at the end of April this year, the first line known Kindle native advertising. In order not to destroy the user experience and make him more in line with the known tonality, product attributes and advertising content like propaganda posters without Kindle, but by the German writer Herman · Hesse; at the beginning of the sentence, intellectual and literary chatted itself with the user interest and the value of reading.

In addition to this,

know almost in the video, e-books, columns and other aspects are trying. For example, the video program, the staff of the introduction of the total amount of playback exceeded 15 million times, know almost e-book sales have accumulated more than 21 million copies of the book, know almost Live payment authorization function is also on the line.

and recently, almost officially opened to pay authorization function, the user released the original content, you can choose to prohibit the reprint, allowing the reprint, as well as payment reproduced. If the user chooses to pay reproduced, then know that the money will be transferred directly to the original author, so that it can better protect the copyright of the author.


many users do not know. Ask Baidu know coffee is the launch of a paid product knowledge. Users on the platform can be paid with coffee, line appointments and to call the national big coffee to ask, "

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