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      at present, the United States listed in China’s five largest Internet Co – Baidu, Sina, Sohu, Tencent, NetEase has announced its annual report of the year in the two quarter. How to look at these enterprises and their marketing strategy? China’s Internet companies should be the evaluation criteria? Where is the direction of the future Web2.0? With these questions, the daily economic news exclusive interview with the Chinese Internet veteran Xie Wen, please he conducted a review of these enterprises.

      Baidu: the real challenge is innovation

      NBD: Baidu quarterly quarterly growth of 109% over the previous quarter, is the highest among the five companies. Are you confident of Baidu?

      Xie Wen: from the report, Baidu’s search advertising revenue has exceeded Sina’s brand advertising revenue, and Baidu’s growth rate is much higher than sina. Visible, if you take Sina and Baidu to compare, we can clearly see that the growth rate of search advertising revenue is very fast. In other words, the network media is exploited by search engines. Because you do the content can be searched at random, so its influence on Sina’s threat is not clear. Baidu such a high growth, is likely to become the future of Internet Co giant. Baidu ranked fifth this year, next year will certainly be able to enter the top three. And now Baidu get the news license, will certainly be some exploration and attempt in the content. Therefore, Baidu’s real challenge is innovation, innovation can be the next high ground is the key. The current priority is integration, which is the organic integration of community and search.

      Sohu: development looks at mentality, team and strategy

      NBD: Sohu can rely on the Olympic step?

      Xie Wen: Sohu got the Olympic card is very good, it is estimated that in 2008 a fire. But it is the Olympic event after the Olympic Games, how to do? Can not live on the Olympic games. The Olympic Games is a great event, but once it is over, it can not be converted into a company’s core competencies. But I’m glad to see that the mentality of Sohu is getting better. To better development, the real problem is probably a state of mind, there is a team, and then there is a strategy. In addition, the intention to do the product will have a good return.

      Sina: corporate earnings should be more diversified

      NBD: how to treat Sina as their own "network media boss"?

      Xie Wen: >

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