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Brewmaster network of winter running in early 2012 to refinance $200 million

this is a fantastic e-commerce company. No bombing of advertising, not blowing as if it were raining flowers business model, its boss is low-key long surfaced. However, if close to observe carefully, you will find its low-key under the madness".

"we walk together on the road to entrepreneurship". In the brewmaster network company background wall, write such a line of characters. The characters below, is each employee’s personal life, according to the entry time in line. Now, here with more than and 200 photos, and in May 2011 the brewmaster network just moved into this new office, only more than and 50. This means that the number of employees half year brewmaster network grew 4 times.

with the number of employees "soaring", and the number of registered users and brewmaster network sales. Founded just over two years, this wine retail site registered users have more than 3 million people, with annual sales of more than $500 million, becoming the largest domestic wine B2C electricity supplier.

at the same time, in the mad "electric winter" of 2011, brewmaster network also frequency for financing, in April and November was awarded $20 million and $50 million, and announced in early 2012 to refinance $200 million. At the same time, in 2011 December, brewmaster network Shanghai branch and Guangdong branch was founded at the same time. So far, the brewmaster network has its own warehouse in Beijing, Taiyuan, Shanghai and Guangzhou four big city.

"start on the road in the brewmaster network from its inception in 2009 has been on the run towards the tens of billions of billions of dreams towards" dream "". Run in the brewmaster network believe: in front of the stage of development, speed is the first one. As its chairman, Hao Hongfeng, said: "in this particular speed today, nothing is more important than speed".

ten billion dream

brewmaster network goal is clear, complete the sales target of 3 billions of years, and the completion of the listing plan. For now, there is no difficulty to achieve billions." "Investor" in an exclusive interview with reporters, brewmaster network founder, chairman Hao Hongfeng announced his "billions of dream", full of confidence.

for this ten billion dream, he developed a specific implementation steps: in 2011 to achieve sales of 500 million yuan in 2012, $2 billion in 2013, 5 billion yuan in 2014, $10 billion. "This is our most conservative estimate, the actual speed will be faster, will become the electronic commerce Chinese brewmaster network in the field of a dark horse." Hao Hongfeng told the investor news reporter said.

"Beijing brewmaster brewmaster network Agel Ecommerce Ltd, by Hao Hongfeng and other investment of nearly billion yuan to create a comprehensive wine e-commerce website B2C, as the" Chinese liquor retail network first". Brewmaster network including the operation of liquor, Wine, wine, health wine, beer, wine and other high-end appliances, including liquor, liquor sales accounted for the total turnover of 70%.

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