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Short video behind the platform to seize the bonus and integrate into the commercial thinking is the

Abstract: one of the basic contradictions in the field of short video creation in China is the contradiction between the urgent needs of short video creators and the primary stage of the development of the industry. Want to solve this contradiction, the platform side to come forward is particularly important.


short video is not just the arrival of the air (see the titanium media had reported that the short video entrepreneurial tuyere, the platform may be deliberately give you the "phantom"), it was ten years ago had come once. 2005, YouTube on the line to UGC (user generated content) as a selling point, less than a year, it was Google to $1 billion 650 million acquisition of its.

in the same year, on-line, shouted "everyone living director" slogan, UGC short video was highly sought after, Youku, potatoes, cool 6, to 56, in succession admission. However, because of the UGC video equipment penetration rate is low, the high cost of broadband and PC era of consumer scene restrictions and other factors, in 2008, in the video industry collective turned long, but only to a short video of the cool 6 also failed to achieve its "China YouTube dream.

a big bait: Mobile Internet last traffic depression

look at the evolution of China’s online video content, it is not difficult to find the air after several changes in the fall and then back to the short video here. From the first batch of original UGC short video platform, and to follow the YouTube copyright war to invest heavily in original homemade content Netflix model, this year, with today’s headlines, second shot and platform subsidy station started, once again become a short video outlet.


With the popularity of

4G, tariff reduction, the user to watch short video applications of psychological defense reduced, at the same time, in the background of the content of consumption upgrade, users are no longer satisfied with the graphic display vector of short video live become the best choice in the consumer scene under the debris.

According to the "

TalkingData 2015 application of mobile video industry report" data, a number of short video applications in all mobile video applications accounted for at least, accounted for only 6.1%, but the growth rate of the number of users increased but the fastest, up to 401.3%. The gap between supply and demand, which means that the short video has become a rare traffic depressions, perhaps following the graphic, long video, after the broadcast of the last traffic depression.

short video outlet under the three traps

trap one: "rough" to cover the "professional rough"

from the supply side, compared to the long video, short video production tools have been completed to specialization (all kinds of clips, special effects App popular), smart phones are basically supported by 1080p HD video recording. In theory, a person can produce a short video content with a cell phone.


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