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Network literature market just profit starting point has been fighting

in the market network literature is just the beginning of earnings, in the face of a strong intruder is not only the starting point of Tencent, 27 core editors and they work with 34 platinum writers will be a grand loss.

text |CBN reporter Xie Lingning


| Ruifan eternal Jia Xiao Nan


left the grand literature, the new creation Chinese network chose Shanghai Pudong Peony Road, a nondescript place as the foothold, although the intent of this name creation "sounds than the" starting point "is much greater.

provided by the office leasing company in this place, from the elevator, after a while can provide services for a number of companies have to step on the front, a small ladder, to see signs of different company numbers. In June 8th, the "creation of Mandarin" company Logo in just one door, the conference room piled unopened new copier and computer, for editing the night to work overtime to eat snacks simply piled on a shelf. This year we will continue to expand enrollment." The creation of Chinese network editor Yang Chen said.

at least, they don’t mind starting from scratch.

the new company has caused a strong antagonism in the literature. 3 months ago, the first day of Hou Xiaoqiang in the original starting point Chinese network editing team 27 collective resignation event issued a letter, it was only mentioned in "occupation moral problems, it continues for several months, until the beginning of the June, in the creation Chinese network officially launched, and announced the day before and Tencent the strategic cooperation plan, one of the founders of the original starting point Chinese network Laurie away by public security organs.

Shanda literature publicly disclosed its own reporting behavior, claiming that Luo has economic crimes, he bought his own company through the low starting point of literary works copyright, then sell at high prices. Now, the case is still under investigation. Behind, on the Tencent to "tunneling conditions cannot resist the starting point" of the rumors had spread.

is a strong competition means dispersion at the intruder and a monopoly between grand Tencent.

in the creation of cooperation between Chinese and Tencent body, Shanda literature to see their own has been trying to solve the problem: this kind of cooperation to seize the former grand literature can not cover the crowd. Over the years, in addition to China Mobile reading base, Shanda has been lack of other effective channels in the mobile reading. It has done a lot on the "try independent channels", such as electronic paper book hardware Bambook and "cloud bookstore", but with little success.

currently occupy more than 40% share of the Chinese network literature market Chinese network, in 2004 was a grand acquisition, and later became the backbone of the grand literature. But not in the wireless reading operation rights of ownership argue, is the starting point of the founding team has been in regret. Former deputy editor in chief of sina in 2008

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