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Stationmaster net broadcast heating the same way network first met the funding crisis in the taxi so

1 the same way network first crisis: the account is less than $10 thousand

editor’s note: Valentine’s day on Friday, with Wu Zhixiang of Cheng net CEO confirmed in an e-mail, the same way network Tencent, Bo Yu, Yuan Wo three institutions of five hundred million yuan in the new round of financing, the funds have been credited. After obtaining investment, with the way network entrepreneurial team to continue to maintain the company’s controlling stake. Future goals are still independent IPO.

this review of the same way for the past ten years, the development of the network in the past for the first time in, the first of the second: the first crisis, authorized by me to start a startup.

‘s first crisis was in 2004. In early 2004 we found the first real product – online business card, after a period of two or three months of development, a month can get about $50 charge users. In April, Guo Yan made a suggestion: one year 100 yuan is too cheap, we should rise. So we went straight up to 800 yuan / year, and with the price, pulling a wave of sales, excellent sales staff can get 5000-6000 yuan a month.

2 didi taxi subsidies ranging from $12 to $20 can be awarded WeChat aircraft game high-end fighter

February 18th news, today, to upgrade the taxi software competition, Didi taxi and pay WeChat announced today to zero on game subsidies mode: didi taxi and WeChat pay per can get random subsidies ranging from 12~20 yuan, 3 times a day. At the same time didi taxi announced a joint game with Tencent, will use a taxi didi taxi times per week to pay more than 10 times the user, given the WeChat game universal aircraft wars in the high-end fighter aircraft 1. Didi taxi said, is expected to send 1 million aircraft in the next week.

didi taxi this move is seen as a quick taxi to raise subsidies to 11 yuan, more than competitors will be more than $1 response strategy. Not only in the amount of subsidies on the taxi faster than 11 yuan to raise at least $1, but also with WeChat game integrated marketing.

3.45 "multiplication" domain name to: 13.Com enabled


for 1X1=1, 2X5=10, 3X4=12… "Until" 9X9=81 "multiplication table, you can recite fluently from memory. But if you find the sign and sign out, just like a gourmet digital domain name?.com suffix,, etc. this kind of domain name only 45, the following is to focus on the dynamic data multiplication domain.

4 90 after the couple opened the casino online for over two months to control over ten million

at the end of May 2013, home Qinghe District Dingmou playing online games, inadvertently found a "golden fried" and "landlords" chess website. After the game, he found that the site is essentially

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