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Tencent thunder action report 2014 closed 85 thousand illegal public accounts

Tencent Internet crime research center secretary general, general manager of security management Zhu Jinsong

[TechWeb] January 21st news, Tencent recently released for the first time, thunder action network black industry chain annual report summarizes the current network of black production of the main modus operandi and trends. In 2014, the cumulative Feng Ting to combat illegal public account 85 thousand, intercept all kinds of malicious marketing advertising, malicious links 5 million.


report shows that since 2014 on-line anti fraud reporting platform, received a total of 2 million 500 thousand reporting information, and through the report information to provide clues for the police, and joint police across the country to combat illegal production of more than 200 groups, accumulated to 230 report issued more than 300 black bonus sweep.

in addition, the Tencent in 2014 for black chain network on the platform of the heavy blow, the cumulative Feng Ting to combat illegal public account 85 thousand, intercept all kinds of malicious marketing advertising, malicious links 5 million. In the fight against Internet pornography, the disposal of LBS service 30 million times, delete pornographic and trick prostitute information 5 million. Background data show that the average number of fraud decreased by 80%, fraud complaints fell by more than the beginning of the year of 66%.

according to reports, in 2014 the network black industry chain mainly presents the following three changes: first, the network has changed from the past black hacker attack mode of obvious group, industrialization trend. Two is the network of black workers tend to attack the phone. The three is that with a large database of stolen, more and more cyber criminals tend to grasp the users personal information, or by posing as an acquaintance of sympathy and other precise type of fraud scene of victims of fraud.

Tencent Internet crime research center of the Secretary General and the safety management department general manager Zhu Jinsong said that at present, the network has been developed for the production of black gang group operation of cross platform, cross industry, become a cancer in the mobile Internet era. Tencent hopes to carry out a special thunder action to build a platform for the whole society to combat network black, effectively protect the interests of Internet users."

In addition to

, the Tencent WeChat public account of the rectification of Zhu Jinsong also expressed their views, he said: the attack on WeChat in the public account of the following four categories of malicious behavior, including sharing, pornography, fraud, inducing infringement and other four aspects. Which induced sharing at the end of 2014 has been related to corrective measures. Several other aspects will be taken in combination with laws and regulations and user reporting mechanism.

in addition, the Tencent joint Ministry of Public Security Bureau network security Tencent announced 2014 annual thunder joint action crackdown 10 case black production network, involving Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Shandong and Anhui and other eight provinces and municipalities directly under the central government. And to the user to make four no security reminder.

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