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P2P net loan this year ushered exams veteran P2P Po investment survey

Wang Le

Bowes was the Quzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau for alleged economic crimes investigation, site operations were suspended, pending a subsequent news release." In March 14th, a Zhejiang P2P trading platform PO INVESTMENT posted on the website of the news.

announced second days to suspend operations in the Po investment, a Shenzhen P2P platform yuan venture platform boss Juankuan run away, more than 30 yuan, this time from its officially launched operations in less than two days.

with the above two P2P trading platforms have problems, according to the first Financial Daily reporters incomplete statistics, since the beginning of the year, there are 12 P2P platform collapse or foot. The second half of 2013 P2P net loan industry concentrated outbreak of a large number of risk events, according to incomplete statistics, a total of 74 platforms problems, the industry gradually with the 2014 high of net loan industry regulation calls, P2P net loan or usher exams in this year.

14:58 on March 14th, when the Quzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment in the PO INVESTMENT web site as an administrator issued the notice, net loan investors net loan investors forum and exchange group appeared on the Po investment to suspend operations related information, which in some third party net loan on the rating and navigation information is also the first time removed.

data show that the Po investment is a private network that specializes in P2P lending sites, under the Zhejiang province Quzhou City Po Investment Limited, launched on February 21, 2011, the registered capital of 1 million yuan.

in the existing P2P trading platform, run for more than 3 years in the PO INVESTMENT part of the old platform, and since 2013 the collapse of the platform, operation time is less than a year compared to most, Po investment is the first problem of the old platform. Net loan house Institute statistics show that as of March 13, 2014, Po investment effectively collect the principal amount of 469 million yuan, the number of pending investment income 1068.

for this old platform, a lot of controversy in the industry and investors on the platform is not self financing platform, the discussion will not collapse has long been, most of the evaluation of the platform is very mysterious".

before investors went to visit, should not be knocked on the door for a long time, the boss to the platform after the call, there is a sleeping technician to open the door." A previously dealt Po investment and informed sources said the reporter, the platform is to suspend operation is due to local investors joint report.

in addition, the transparency of the platform’s investment is also very mysterious reason. Zero or one financial research shows that most of the platform project 1% nominal interest rate does not reflect the final return of investors; secondly, after the online investment, investment into the line, investors are divided into two aspects: interest payment online payment and offline, the next line is the main channel of the return. This is not reflected in the data.


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