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Chinese civilink this year is expected to add 30% to 4 million 300 thousand sites

this Wednesday, the Alibaba’s members China nets said that due to the continued growth of economic recovery and China online shopping users, small and medium enterprises demand for Internet commerce is increasingly vigorous, the number of sites is expected in 2010 will grow by 30%, up to 4 million 300 thousand.

at present, the number of SMEs is close to 4000, but the proportion of the site is very small. 2009 economic crisis struck, the new site speed dropped from 91.4% in 2008 to $14.7%, up to 3 million 300 thousand, is the slowest since the year of China’s Internet development in 2000.

has achieved e-commerce in small and medium enterprises, through the Internet out of the economic crisis. Internet companies have not yet been applied, but also aware of the value of e-commerce marketing. Chinese civilink told reporters that this year is expected to add the number of sites will increase significantly, reached the same period in 2002 increased the level of small and medium-sized enterprises will become the main power station market.

iResearch reminder service providers, the small and medium-sized enterprise users A new force suddenly rises. should be paid attention to, combined with the characteristics of this kind of enterprises to provide e-commerce personalized service.

China nets that IT technology is no longer small and medium sized enterprises to realize electronic commerce enterprise stumbling block, can be integrated through thousands of online Mall features a one-stop service to achieve e-commerce website quick access, network order.

iResearch survey results show that China civilink accurate judgment on the e-commerce market: more than 50% of the small and medium-sized enterprises want to realize electronic business choice with lower costs, improve the function of the crash site service. According to the characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises, China million net the crash site down from 2980 yuan to 980 yuan, but also free web space distribution 2G.

China civilink hopes to cut prices, free gifts and a series of initiatives to reduce the small and medium-sized enterprise e-commerce application threshold, expand the crash site highly sought after in the economic crisis in the enterprise market share, to achieve 30% growth in 2010 new website.

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