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Emotion after reading the fool’s version of Google advertising……

      all the time, Baidu gave the impression is not particularly good, especially in the industry view, auction ads are posted everywhere, "space" plagiarism "blog", "know" plagiarism "ask", "copy" Vico. ""…… Has been the lack of their original quality products. A few years ago that the display of the ad is sick, even a nun used as props, if not despise my Buddha, also said that the quality of advertising by vulgar kitsch.

      Google (China) but now they give me more fools does not hold the wall feeling. It is said that the teacher open recruitment, about more than hundreds of outstanding employees, they did not come out what new technology research, excellent software not finished some Google, but it has brought a shot a video. Even more ridiculous is Google (China) is the official actually dare to admit, but people can see, Google advertising staff and agents around the inside of so many, but the official power, it may be difficult to have so much appeal. Step back and say, even if it wasn’t for the official, the producers would be at least one of Google’s top executives (China).

      Google has been in the global scope is seen as a search engine, but now the staff ought to shoot boring short, but do not know the excellent Google English finished products, if you carefully look at the "Google laboratory", you can see only 3/10 of the global Google products are in the culture as SketchUp this software we can not use the official version of Chinese, is this Google every day shouting "localization"?

      of course, a Google is also called "localization" in China, such as the national 100000001st web site – "Google navigation", such as "plagiarism" by the media because of the "Google pinyin", raise a Babel of criticism of such as the Zhang finally gave birth to a son to get the "hukou" ICP card and B2-20070004 words, ambiguous relationship and some unclean software cut constantly tangled…… These are the localization of Google in the past year!

      used to love Google, think he really is always innovative network company, think he will always bring an impressive product, but now, I can only say that the gossip on the show, you as we put the slobber across the ocean to the United States to spray the pony brother strong, on the market share, on the user experience, you as our "poison" Renqiwang tricks. I do not know when you will be able to take off the old man’s hat?

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