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WEB2.0 is the core of communication!

    as long as a person is asked what your understanding of WEB2.0 is, the opening is UGC users to create content.

    is that right, experts put aside the statements of a school, assuming that UGC is the understanding of WEB2.0, so I would like to ask what is the name of the user in creating content, what is the user’s


    what is the content of the user’s creation? A lot of people think it is the user’s own information posted on the internet! I said narrow!

    the user is an independent individual, he created the content of his life itself! In fact, the user at all times in the production of content, any one act, can become an element of the content. Countless elements constitute personal life! The social attribute of human beings determines that the core of life is the interaction between people!

    so if you think of WEB2.0 as UGC, it contains at least 2 levels of creativity: one is to create information, the other is to create communication! The relationship between the two is interdependent, the lack of any level is not the concept of WEB2.0!

    blog is the product of 2, because it appears to the user has completed the conversion from visitors to the role of producer, the mechanism of the bottom-up, is indeed a great innovation in the internet! It is a pity that the real 2 are few! More blogs are just 1 of the platform! Why? Information is information, no matter who produces it. For visitors, if only the value of browsing for him, then this blog is at best a 1 position platform! Blog as a window of the author’s foreign exchange, information should be more of a human communication media. If the blog lack of interaction, naturally it can not achieve communication. So what about 2.

    so WEB2.0 is the core of communication! This is precisely the most people-centered concept! 2 the information on the platform itself is of no value,   for example, tsunami, we see you are a description of the facts, not to say your point of view, in the Internet era is worthless. If you do not participate in the behavior of users, DIGG micro content does not exist value! The interaction between the 2 platforms is the people, just as TAG information to like-minded people together. The micro content created by the user is different from the news, more is to express their own point of view. When we pay attention to these micro content is actually looking for people behind! We met either by this point, then contact, then through two degrees or more deep connections to meet more people, inspire more behavior, or through the point caused by interaction, excitation the exchange of ideas, a virtuous cycle.

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