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Stationmaster net broadcast twenty-first Century net news announced shady extortion surging advertis

The 1.21 century

network news: shady extortion involving hundreds of millions of illegal charges for protection

media as a public power, if the use of its people are ill, the harm will not be imagined. If things go on like this, we will not only become a facilitator of social progress, the opposite will be the value of the destroyer."

September 7th, the Shanghai public security organs in a place of detention, suspected of crime in twenty-first Century, Liu Dongru, President of the network is repentance. Another day is the Mid Autumn Festival, but this year’s reunion night, he is doomed to be unable to meet with his family.

over the past few years, causing a high degree of concern of the community in twenty-first Century alleged serious economic crime cases are still ongoing public opinion fermentation. This case has entered the police’s attention? At present the latest progress? This will reveal how shady? With the gradual deepening of the investigation, whether it will lead to greater turmoil?

with these issues of public concern, Xinhua News Agency reporters in-depth task force, interviewed a number of suspects and police investigators. Shocking case, set people thinking more.

advertising fee is actually protection fee suspected of illegal profit of hundreds of millions of dollars

the evening of September 3rd, a news bulletin of the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau, in the eyes of many people is tantamount to a heavy bomb, scared turmoil thousands —

2 surging advertising model has been questioned: traditional media business fantasy is about to collapse?  

surging project team, more than once referred to his business model is advertising, which is the traditional media in the past has been for basic survival and development of the business model, through the dissemination of content, content and influence to establish channels of communication capacity, and through the sale of advertising layout mode to achieve its commercial value.

However, under the

in the Internet a few rounds of shock, the foundation of this business model is being constantly shaken, and with the rise of mobile Internet has the characteristics of complete collapse, on the Rudong River to gone for ever, this time trying on a new medium to copy nature once is a business model the illusion of time.

1, medium: the media has changed the bonus dividend

in the media industry has been basically formed a consensus, especially some representatives of the media frontline forces chiefs stated publicly, we have very clearly hear this voice, "strictly speaking, the traditional advertising business model based news has ceased to exist, independent development or is not sufficient to support an independent media the." If this business model will continue to exist, but also the so-called new media projects to do? Is it possible to replace a media can pass the


3 registered iWatch domain name tears? Why secret Apple watch named Apple Watch 

it is reported that in 16 years

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