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China is strictly prohibited by the website of the name of scientific research in the dissemination

Xinhua Beijing June (reporter Zhou Tingyu) 23, the Ministry of Health announced the Internet health care information service management approach, the website is prohibited to carry out scientific research in the name of the dissemination of pornographic content. Management approach since July 1st this year. Prior to the Ministry of health on the issuance of the Internet health information service approach notice also abolished.

management approach pointed out that comprehensive prevention and health care channels of the site shall not open

content services for scientific research. The development of scientific research of health care Web site, can only be engaged in relevant clinical and research work of the professional open.

management approach provides for the dissemination of sexual knowledge, must provide the source of information content, and clearly marked in place. Information content to be checked by the medical and health professionals. Shall not be reproduced excerpts of illegal publications shall not render scientific research content; sexual psychology, sexual ethics, medical treatment, etc. to promote the knowledge of the name of the content; prohibited dissemination of pornographic content.

The measures for the administration of

also contains special provisions, sexual psychology, sexual ethics, medical treatment, scientific research content of internet medical and health information service application in the website, the organizer must be the medical and health institutions, and is only related to the clinical and scientific research professionals and open network technology measures.

addition, management regulations, internet medical and health information services shall be issued with feudal superstition, obscenity information; shall publish false information; it may not be released without the approval of the medical advertising; shall not engage in online diagnosis and treatment activities.

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