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Rather than questioning the domestic public platform to see the development of Chinese style public


/ Lu Ling Village

this two days to see a question of domestic public platform to raise a single brush and insinuate the public to raise the domestic industry development in the dissemination, see this article, the first reaction is that this article is largely in denial of the domestic public to raise the industry, and to the public to raise the domestic industry propaganda says, the public to raise the domestic advanced idea the need to study abroad to raise public platform originator Kickstarter, more from the social perspective.

frankly speaking, the domestic industry to raise public and is not enough to understand the details of the operation, and today’s Chinese industry to raise the public whether market volume or comprehensive play actually already presented some worthy foreign platform to raise the public aspects of learning. And to question the domestic public raised platform, it would be at China raising what progress achieved in these years in the end.

to prevent scalping, China has been ahead of

as far as I know, the slightly famous Ming is to raise the public control management and operation system is independent of the wind, every day will be dynamic and real-time monitoring platform online project, enterprise scalping risk, once confirmed will be a single brush will be included in the blacklist.

and the so-called platform to help brush single practice is taken for granted, simple thinking. Because any of the big companies will not take the initiative to brush their own single, this risk is great, the real operation of the words, to mobilize the internal departments to cooperate with this kind of thing is almost unimaginable.

many domestic users to ensure the safety of funds, will make some appropriate security measures. For example, the Jingdong to raise the public for a single payment amount for some users were limited, so for this cost more than 8000 yuan in the congregation raised products, the user can only use the payment limit batch purchase, therefore, in the purchase of high price products, there may be a number of repeat purchase phenomenon.

China raise its own national conditions compared to foreign countries can not simply rude

All the chips

originator Kickstarter is indeed open up the industry to raise the public, it is indeed a very good platform to raise the public, but also by the public recognition in foreign countries. But to realize that, in the development of the industry to raise the public China actually is more abundant than abroad, whether it is product form or category and changes in various aspects, China chips are showing a different characteristics, but also reflects the China of play. Its blind worship of Kickstarter, bad mouthing China to raise the public, it would be better to look at the development of the public to raise the platform.

the first point is the development of the channel and the order of the source, in the past, most of the public platform to raise foreign flows from the internal, but the domestic public is gradually showing a three-dimensional play.

you go to the domestic enterprise, which is to spare no effort to promote their products, they are not only in the congregation raised platform quietly on a small but beautiful entrepreneurs, but through the full range of exposure to.

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