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SF courier Wang Wei responded were playing not held in the end to be president


technology news (Wang Pan) April 18th news, yesterday afternoon, a SF courier was a driver of abuse and repeatedly slapped video circulating on the network in Beijing. Yesterday evening 9 o’clock, SF President Wang Wei in his personal friend WeChat said, "if I do not pursue in the end, I no longer do with SF President


according to the video content that the driver when reversing, SF courier will not be because the car scraped, the driver got off to courier lianfan abuse, despite the mediation, but the driver was at least a fan of the courier 6 slap in the face, and the courier from beginning to end is not to utter a single word.

yesterday evening 7:30, SF official said in a statement, has found the injured brother, SF will take good care of him. "We express little brother mostly in their 20s, their children, regardless of wind and rain the shuttle in the high streets and back lanes, zaikuzailei do smiling service, sincerely hope that everyone can understand each other when the accident happens, the first is to respect


then, SF CEO Wang Wei in a personal circle of friends for the courier dabaobuping, claimed not to pursue in the end to be president of sf.

, however, at the same time, powerful users have the driver’s name, phone number, license plate number and home address one out of human flesh, and released to the network.

Wang Wei and then in the bottom of their information to appeal to everyone rational rights, please do not release the driver’s address. "People break the law, we can not violate."

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