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nternet innovation and opportunity 2011 the second Changping website webmaster Association

2011 second Changping website Association will "Internet innovation" and "opportunities" as the theme, the general assembly as a fundamental principle and guiding ideology, invited senior experts for many Internet webmaster analysis now and the future of the Internet, explore innovation industry website, cooperation in the development of e-commerce and other topics. In Changping and Beijing for the community portal and business owners in the exchange, at the same time, find their own profit point, and fully cooperate to achieve win-win situation. The association will invite the successful people, the Internet webmaster do in-depth dialogue on the scene, listen to their Internet operations experience, mining business model, innovative business philosophy, legal development, into the advanced ideas and concepts for the exchange and discussion meeting. Promote the real communication and cooperation between the webmaster and the webmaster, and hope that through this meeting to establish the Changping area of advertising, technology, information and other alliances. So that the participants can have a real harvest through the conference. For their own development to open up a new way of thinking, to find a new opportunity.

since November 16th, "Internet innovation" and "opportunity" 2011 second Changping webmaster association started in Shijiazhuang, Ji’nan, Chinese earth, Fuzhou, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Shanghai City, Changsha owners have to participate in this activity, and get the support and love, a total of up to 1500 the number of participants will be the 2011, the second Changping webmaster association.

2011 is called "open the first year", the open platform have the stage, social, community still lead the future development trend of the Internet, with the emergence of new forms of mobile Internet industry, vertical and local class community website gained great achievements.

has experienced a period of rapid development of the Internet economy, open platform for micro-blog group purchase webmaster brought more new business opportunities, today, we still believe that self-confidence, self-reliance, insist, is the foundation of the entrepreneurial road. Only self-reliance can only adhere to in order to the ultimate success of life and growth in nature. Keep in good faith and adhere to the spirit of the theme, in addition, the conference also stressed the "Internet innovation" and "opportunity" at this meeting as an opportunity to Changping network and other networks to build online and offline mutual exchange platform, but also a gathering of a cooperation and development. Chinese after ten years of rapid development of the Internet has changed dramatically, the whole industry is a new development thinking of industrial upgrading; Internet entrepreneurs need to adopt new entrepreneurial vision and ideas, new working methods and paths of action to seek sustainable growth and development of new, healthy, with practical action.

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