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U.S. mission comments Wang Xing in addition to takeaway business other business has achieved overall


technology news August 26th noon news, today the Yabuli summer summit closing ceremony, the group comments CEO Wang Xing said, in addition to takeaway business, beauty group comments of other business has achieved overall profitability in July, the U.S. group and the public comment has been completed preliminary fusion.

Wang Xing believes that the O2O industry has reached the second half. Before the merger, as well as the recent merger and Uber, indicating that the market has been in the integration, successfully ran out of the shuffle of O2O companies need to prove themselves, the core competitiveness, to prove their profitability.

Wang Xing said that the Internet has also gone to the second half, the progress of the Internet made 20 years ago, largely depends on the demographic dividend. At present, China’s Internet users growth slowed significantly, demographic dividend has passed. At the same time, smartphone sales growth is slowing, dividends have been in the past. Internet, mobile Internet demographic dividend disappeared, the need for new growth points.

In addition to Moore’s law

also provides the core power for IT and even economic growth. Moore’s law is really up to the limit, maybe the wolf is really coming.

he also believes that the Chinese economy in the second half, GDP in China from the two digit is now down to single digits, the new normal time mentioned, supply side reforms, that growth in the past difficult to continue.

how to look at the second half, Wang Xing think can be resolved in three ways. First, the need for sustained R & D investment, layout AI, VR, AI and other high-tech fields. At the same time, the world needs to maintain competitive cooperation.

Wang Xing believes that Internet plus only the depth of integration to the overall transformation. At present, the Internet plus still stays on the surface. Internet plus only the Internet media, retail Internet, Internet banking, beauty group comments do is just on the surface of Internet plus. Greater opportunities to help companies reduce costs, improve efficiency, and provide data support for businesses.

Wang Xing said that this year he went to Israel, Germany, Indonesia and other countries and cities. He believes that Internet plus is the best opportunity of the Internet enterprise globalization. Overseas has a great market, a China enterprise to high-tech, one hand down to earth, and to the U.S. Internet business competition. (Ding Zhuang)

is shorthand:

Jiang Changjian: we have little time to move backwards, so the next speaker also keep the original content, if it helps accelerate the speed.

next, we are very familiar with the U.S. group comment CEO Mr. Wang Xing, he said the topic is the second half". Applause please.

Wang Xing: I have helped change only 2 pages in the PPT staff, following me to thank Chen Qizong, he gave us a speech, 6 years ago the group has just started and I had the honor to participate in the annual meeting of the Tsinghua enterprise home, annual meeting, Mr. Chen also made a speech, the. In

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