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CNNC responded cybersquatting events no fraud cybersquatting April 12 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Jiang Chunyuan) there are media reports, an Internet domain name investors found some Limited registered domain names registered by others by way of forgery. What is the domain name registration restrictions be registered? The relevant departments will be how to deal with these names? 11, "first response" column reporter an exclusive interview with the China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) in charge of relevant departments. The responsible person said that the "malicious cybersquatting" others domain behavior, the domain name will be free of charge transferred to the relevant rights and interests.

"first response" column reporter: media reports a number of restrictions on registered domain name was registered, whether true? Chinese Internet Information Center how to deal with


September to January 2011, criminals posing as state organs, local governments and telecommunications companies in the name, have applied for registration of and and other eighteen restricted domain name registration. The registration materials shall be submitted by the applicant to the registration authority and the registration authority shall be handed over to the center. When I checked the domain name registration materials, I found that the registration of these domain names are suspected of forgery. I center in September 2010, has been reported to the public security department, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other competent authorities to report the relevant circumstances, and to assist the relevant departments to collect evidence. January 2012, approved by the relevant departments, the center of the 18 domain names were canceled processing.

CNNIC is China’s domain name registration authority and the domain name root server operating agency. As a state agency, I have no reason to pretend to be a higher authority and other institutions registered domain name. I center is actively assist the public security organs for investigation of the case. The detection of cases, I will announce to the public event, to help users distinguish between right and wrong.

"first response" column reporter: in the future, China Internet Information Center will be used to avoid such incidents?

CNNIC: for the audit registration services to the domain name registration application materials, I will be in the center of the audit, the national organization code management center and the national citizen identity card number query center authority of the state in the database domain name check applicants to submit materials and document number is consistent. For the approval of the competent authorities at a higher level of the Ministry of industry, our center will verify with the relevant departments.

in the future, I center and registration services will continue to uphold the limitation of domain name registration regulations, continue to strictly limit the audit domain name registration application materials of forged material application, will still be found immediately reported to assist the relevant agencies investigating.

"first response" column reporter: for "malicious cybersquatting" behavior, how to deal with CNNIC


CNNIC: domain name transactions, for the domain name registration authority and domain name registration services, can only see the domain name registration system domain name >

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