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Virtual reality or niche mainstream decide on what path to follow

consumer electronics show in Las Vegas this year (CES), when the middle screen I wander in the rows of the maze – they are the world’s most wide and flat, the clearest and brightest and most new, only flashed in my brain thought is really VR easy to face maoyou. In this huge science and technology exhibition, I was eager to try the latest VR products. Although the VR technology has long been blown miraculous, that for most people, it is still a novelty. But after I played every VR helmet, the first feeling is eager to use liquid soap to wash your face.


, however, the inner landscape of the virtual world is still amazing. In a demo clip, I was a stunt three all painted painted the Contortionist stunned and terrified. When a tiger passed by me, I looked to the left, only to quietly breath. Then, I gingerly walked across a canyon of the Snow gleams white. rope bridge. Then I sat in a $7000 shock chair and flew into the galaxy. (dear reader, I bad these crimes are for you!) in the CES exhibition hall, the people in the VR experience zone lined up, and all kinds of peripheral equipment of VR is full of tricks, like a big playground: a chair is used to simulate the virtual ship (can make people seasick is not false;) were used to simulate the open aircraft equipment, can make all kinds of maneuver and tumbling action as "top gun" that are used to simulate the spacecraft; the equipment, people do not sit in for a while will be screaming.

I’m from the people off VR expression dizzy after the helmet, can see what people are the first to experience VR. But if there is no show on the rotary chair or chair like stuff, VR fresh quickly fade — especially when you notice when the $800 price tag (not including accessories). A cheap VR helmet will be too heavy for a few minutes. Some models are difficult to focus on people wearing the line of sight.

all VR devices have one thing in common – easy to get out of oil. In addition, in addition to some of the most sophisticated game, you can not walk around in most games, and even can not see their hands. Therefore, the most interesting part of the VR, which is called the 360 degree perspective, you can only rely on your own embarrassment in situ twist the head.

worst of all, VR is an isolated experience. While watching others playing VR for the first time have a sense of humour (Samsung in the holiday season is a Gear VR advertisement depicted this), but the second-hand VR experience is no fun. And VR’s model of the combination of the helmet and headphones, but also the bow family (that is immersed in the world of mobile phones, ignoring the real world of companions) this phenomenon has risen to a new height.

after the initial surprise, VR>

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