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nternet domain name brand name brand gradually open from 12 onwards

One of the biggest changes in

‘s Internet sector in 30 years. From the beginning of 12, anyone can register $185 thousand for any network address suffix.

, for example, Ford can use the.Ford suffix, PepsiCo Inc apparently want.Pepsi suffix to launch drink.pepsi (drink Pepsi) website. London mayor Boris · Johnson has announced that the city hall intends to register.London suffix. Other cities, including New York, Paris, Sydney, Rome and Berlin, are also planning to register for top-level domain names.

opens the "brand" domain name is the latest changes to the strict naming of the internet. Since the Internet began to use the.Com suffix in 1985, since then, the internet name and number distribution company (Icann) has also opened the national suffix code.

however, the proposal to expand the domain name has not been welcomed by large enterprises and government. Jon, chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, ·, warned that the relaxation of the Internet naming rules would be a "disaster" for". "We see this as a huge cost to consumers and businesses, but not much," he said last month at a congressional hearing on the expansion of the domain name."

Federal Trade Commission said that Icann did not take adequate measures to protect consumers against fraud. The Commission said in an open letter to Icann: "consumers are likely to suffer losses, and Icann has the responsibility to assess and mitigate these risks."

, including Coca-Cola and Johnson, including more than and 40 large companies also expressed dissatisfaction, they believe that the expansion of the domain name will increase the cost, so that consumers confused, increasing the risk of Internet fraud.

Icann said that there are as many as 50 specific issues on the domain name application, which will exclude the fraud, to ensure that the company owner of the right to use their own brand domain name.

the applicant can apply before April 12th, after the evaluation process for a period of 8 months. The first top-level domain is expected to start in 2013.

Laplante, Afilias’s marketing director for

domain name, ·, said he expects to receive 4000 applications.

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