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Sharing experience on the movie website promotion skills

graduated from high school, at that time because no work, all day long bubble on the Internet, because at the time of the website has a special hobby, wanted to do a website, for nothing, just because they are too like the network, out of interest, I am looking for a movie in the online program, ready to do a movie website the time space, domain name, the procedures are all ready, heart very happy, because I finally all is your own movie website, it often only a few IP, in the Baidu search, that is to promote to the website.

The first step of

: domain name registration, we should not underestimate the domain name, want to make a movie website to register a good domain name, so I registered a ( the domain name, the domain name for the domain name easy to remember, we understand at a glance, is an excellent 123, let a person see the comparison easy to remember, another point about the movie station name, there is a famous site, good 123, so I called an excellent movie station 123 free movies, so Baidu search in the 123 people are easy to search my movie station, also bring you a lot of IP Oh, this is a one way.

second step: of course, the optimization of the site, remember not to overdo too much, so as not to be screened by the search engine of your site, on site optimization, this article does not elaborate on the.

the third step: log in to the search site, all the search sites to find to submit, is submitted manually, a web site submitted slowly.

a word tired, until now know, in fact, tired, really not what, there are more tired. If you want to quickly search engine included, we must first go to the major search engines to submit oh.

The fourth step:

I went to Baidu know inside to answer a question, certainly not like the form of advertising to the hair, and many people want to know for the film, the film’s name, then you can tell him the title of the movie, and the movie, then put online watch the address to send up, this is logical.

Fifth step

: I went to the QQ space to send the recommended movie, what is the classic film or movie to recommend, QQ space the link can bring a hyperlink Oh, as long as you QQ space popularity, a day hundreds of IP is not a problem. In addition to your own QQ space, of course, you have to find a more exuberant vitality of the QQ space, to better recommend their space.

the sixth step: you can set up a blog, estimated as we all know, Baidu and some other search engines love the original article, you create a blog, write about your recommended movie, do you feel you stand, the establishment of the experience and so on, as long as the spider, you send a good article not afraid of others don’t know.

The seventh step:

to the movie entertainment related forum to promote your site, so the chain is more.

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