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Network marketing center webmaster essential (on)

the network marketing on the road, you can see the marketing method to do, because of different products, different propaganda way, different sales model, different effects, and make different marketing strategies. Now we talk about the necessary network marketing what?

first of all I have to say that I’m in the Taobao open shop selling through internet virtual hosting, my TAOBAO ID is: bingyu8277, my marketing strategy might be different from yours, but hopefully I can give you some inspiration, also hope to communicate with you.

first, do the marketing need to have some tools and information is very important in the network, I will own product characteristics and advantages of writing good advertising words, then go to the blog Duoge registered members, and then after the opening of their advertisements posted up, the more good, what is not obvious the effect is also good for optimization.

second, I will give the regular release of old customers in the station to tell them my new products and promotions, if it is a new intention of customers can also be issued.

third, you can take the initiative to greet their target customers, ask them how the recent business, to see if there is no need for their own products, the premise that you need to be polite.

fourth, you can collect the customer’s post office, regularly publish their product information to customers know

fifth, the transaction will be the customer’s mobile phone collection, holidays and new products on the shelves when you can send a message greeting and let customers know your product trends.

sixth, the feast or off-season, can prepare some small gifts to customers, such as: the full 100 free shipping, buy 2 years of space to send a year, buy a space to send a CN, buy clothes with a hair band..

seventh, at the same time can go to the popularity of the forum and a lot of friends to share their experience and experience, so you can make a lot of friends, but also can learn a lot of useful things from friends oh. I do Internet virtual hosting, website made a lot of friends, so I can also learn some knowledge of the site, ha ha..

eighth, will be released in the classification of advertising information station, because the classification information network does not delete advertising information, but also for the effectiveness of advertising and included are helpful, it is recommended to everyone.

ninth, in the post advertisement popular super Wang, but the probability is removed and the cover is very high, because a lot of people. Ha-ha。 But the effect is still there.

tenth, in the B2B business or industry station to release the supply information, because it is the supply of information will not be deleted. A lot of mass software is issued for the industry station. So we go to the registration of the release is not only free but also very effective (this article source: information treasure information station

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