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QQ non mainstream website to promote the most simple 6 methods

made a non mainstream sites so long, often to see the A5 articles, learn many methods to promote the site, then the QQ non mainstream type of website promotion? Maybe this is a topic worthy of concern, because the QQ non mainstream type of website has been flooded, so in addition to the SEO promotion methods.? of course, and there are many, for the novice, as long as there is plenty of time, as long as you stick to it, you can make your site for thousands of miles, the road to listen to me slowly!

1, up QQ, you can apply for a QQ, write some star information, write on your web site, often without landing, then in the major forums and communities to hype this so-called star QQ, of course, should be targeted to speculation, such as you write is of course, the movie star, going to the movie forum or community hype! So somebody else to add the QQ by the way to see the data on the QQ web site, since it is " the star, of course to browse the web site "


2, hype the event, their first PS a group of pictures, the content is a disrespect to the old woman, and then write a short essay, the title should be similar to the old woman even < Moumou stab > more exciting, more publicity, (although somewhat unethical), of course content they can describe the lady’s disrespect, respect, to have your picture watermark Oh! This method is more suitable for the development of

in the QQ group!

3, speculation QB, there is not some people believe that some people should write soft light too hard, too heavy, let a person see that false, people’s awareness of fraud prevention is also improved, so, of course can also be extended to a point of euphemism, for example: & quot; halo, this website ( I clicked 18 times, just give me a 1QB, too immoral! " short and have the effect, but not suitable for light in a place to send, to change the place Oh! Otherwise people will curse


4 pictures, of course speculation, the picture should have a certain temptation, then go to add some male Q group, and then prepare a lot of pictures, pictures plus watermark, one by one sent to the QQ group for men to appreciate, interested will open the browser, enter the URL, no interest may be collected, maybe one day will go to see


5, space speculation, of course this method may not have the above method is good, but the comparison is permanent, as far as possible the beautiful, space to do of course FLASH, space module, spatial template, beautiful pictures, signature and so on, to get the space super gorgeous, then the image with watermark, and with site link, and then is to remember a lot of space for a message in the message, to enlarge the space. The font Oh! So people stepped back, will be very convenient to your space! Interest will add your QQ, from time to time to see the space you then follow the map >

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