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Case 30 city domestic companies how to use 6 months over the Homejoy

Homejoy is created to provide users with efficient, high-quality housing cleaning services. In just six months, Homejoy’s service has been successfully extended to more than and 30 cities in the United States and canada. Not long ago, Homejoy also set up a new office in London as a base to expand the European market. Recently, in an interview, the company’s founder Adora Cheung shared 6 months in the Homejoy to expand the service to the more than and 30 cities in two countries, while ensuring the quality of service strategy and experience.


two years ago, Aaron and Adora Cheung launched a part-time service Homejoy. In the first month, the Homejoy service mode and the traditional mode of almost part-time service. However, in this process, they found two problems: (1) to help customers to clean the house is not easy; (2) the quality of part-time service efficiency and service mode is usually used on the current market is not high, so there are tremendous opportunities.

initially, the use of Homejoy platform cleaners only more than and 10 people, a lot of customers. If the rational allocation of limited cleaners to provide customers with efficient housing cleaning services has become a big problem. The traditional way of using the Excel form is difficult to consider the factors such as the traffic time, the rest time and the change of the customer’s schedule. As an engineer, Cheung found that a software can solve this problem well.

for any artificial service class to create a similar Homejoy and Uber such a start-up company, you must first principle to remember is that you cannot in every services will be extended to a new place will start all over again. What you need is a practical, automated and feasible plan. Every time we extend our services to a new city, we learn something new and then fine tune our plans.

in services will be extended to a new city, Cheung and her team will usually think and solve the following problems: (1) according to the size of the market and provide business opportunities, carefully check the next services will be extended to any market;

(2) every time the services will be extended to a new city, to ensure that the number of recruitment staff initially meets the needs of the development of the company, in this regard, we must work hard, because they are the key to the implementation plan for the future development of the city.

(3) to devote enough time and energy from the control of the quality of service to you, no matter what services will be extended to the city, the control methods of service quality can be replicated, without exception.


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