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A 0 cost of activity harvest of the last of the 10000 community users lost in the pit on the 12

in the whole event, access to the user and improve the degree of activity, encountered too many pits, resulting in a large number of active users did not get, resulting in the retention of the back, income, spread three links greatly affected.


In January 9th 0 WeChat

officially opened a small program, through this wave of air launched a small program community pull new communication activities, although the 0 cost way to achieve the whole community coverage of nearly 10 thousand people, but 12 pits encountered in this activity do affect the become a million level communication activity.

we have seen a lot of successful activities of rehabilitation, it was still difficult to make certain the magnitude of the communication activities. In fact, the lessons of failure than the success of the methodology is more valuable, more worthy of reflection, to absorb, to improve. This paper will restore the whole activity through the whole process, and from the AARRR model perspective to analyze 12 factors restrict the activities of the life cycle, hope that through this share for everyone after doing activities have some significance to walk less detours.


activity preparation

activity background

from 2016 to January 11th, the father of WeChat Zhang Xiaolong submitted a new application form, to be officially released in January 9, 2017, the market expects a year long program after continuous fermentation will eventually come out, everyone is looking forward to the public on the WeChat platform No. second wave tuyere.

user needs analysis and determine the target selling point

is not only the product needs to grasp the needs of users, users want to know, what kind of products, do the activities also need to know the needs of users, to determine the content and form of activities to meet the user, make the user acceptance and willing to communication activities. There are two main ways to grasp the user’s needs: the analysis, feedback, investigation and interview of the product, and the feedback of external products and services.

user & demand analysis: the project started small program project from January, September issued a beta invitation, November open beta, January officially launched, a burst of a small program to the market under the market stimulants, but also perceive air coming into ready to enjoy this wave of bonus, a small program, application store, media development, training the company also began to be restless.

the words "apps" on the public number search will find a lot of people in the relevant keywords registered public number, click the public number to provide comprehensive services, some small program content of the website, the Internet Group has already become a topic of small procedures, found that users are very concerned about the topic of small procedures, the need to communicate the scene, need some technical development tutorials and real-time updating reports to understand the latest developments.

positioning activity selling point & objectives: integrated user needs and capabilities

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