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Micro-blog marketing a marketing tool you use the wrong

we live in a mobile Internet era, life information accessible, every day we receive a variety of information, with the rapid development of society brings us fresh and enjoy. Micro-blog is one of them, many of us have our own micro-blog, most of the company also has its own micro-blog, and now micro-blog marketing general has been distorted, or has become a "chicken soup"; or a local advertising, so micro-blog marketing has little effect, so what is the micro-blog marketing? Micro-blog marketing is what to do? We will introduce the sequence:

first, we must first clear the elements of micro-blog: true, micro-blog’s network is an open, virtual network environment, so the only real enough to attract the attention of potential customers, to win the trust of potential customers. But now most of what we do is that the information is modified, the picture is PS, and even we have seen it all, and how the customer may be interested in it?

[micro-blog is released every day you do have the customer needs of things; stick the most real picture]

micro-blog is the establishment of a potential customer you can display their own platform, on this platform you can free to show what they do, what is being done, what will be done. But the picture is posted to the true picture, only true, without modification, in order to make customers feel it is trusted, maybe your photography level is not high, but the most important thing is to allow customers to have a sense of reality, that you actually do these things, it will not break you attract the attention of potential customers.

[to establish customer reputation, to achieve the true fan conversion]

now we see many fans are more than tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, but the interactive micro-blog indeed poor, bought a large number of zombie fans, only themselves to create a micro-blog in the "big man", but in fact, you are a puppet in micro-blog.

When we do

in micro-blog, we can not have too many fans, but we must ensure that their fans are the quality of living and, in fact, we do not need to spend so much money to buy only the zombie fans, continue to accumulate fans to explain what you are doing is right, and to be effective, and this will continue to let the fans and their interaction, so as to establish a good customer reputation, that our fans into our customers’ conversion rate, will greatly increase.

[micro-blog is our service platform for customers to do the show]

is now a lot of people in the micro-blog advertising, said he did a good service, how good, this era is the most lack of advertising, you can go to advertise only to increase the fans hate. The real marketing is to let others say hello, and micro-blog to do is to show the fans how we do for the customer service, let the customer to say we are good, so >

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