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How to be a qualified operator with strong writing skills


was determined in the Internet, always on the road to temper the writing ability, when writing this title is virtually gave me great pressure, back some articles read their careful pondering, there are many questions about improving the place, if let me today to re write it again I might not in accordance with previous ideas to write, there may be other ways of thinking, I will show you the idea, perhaps this is the time of precipitation let us open-minded, there are some different ideas, like today I wrote, maybe tomorrow, when to pick up this topic. I have a deeper understanding of. Not afraid to say a joke, in fact, have long wanted to write this topic, but has not been able to pick up, the reason to stay in the heart.


some of the things we have to learn to face, no matter what is our own fear, many articles before, I mentioned the barrel theory, if what you fear, you fear what is your short board, you may become the greatest stumbling block, always do not make their own escape, no excuses, only in this way can you may break in their own operations, beyond their own. The previous article "a qualified operator how to exercise the extraordinary communication skills I" from different angles, give you some advice about communication skills, hope earnestly can really help to you, skilled in debate is a good thing, but only in the mind of the other, you are likely to become a master of communication. I hope this article will help you. Today I will talk about some of my own ideas on the topic of today.


network operators about how to make a series of articles, writing is the most I have feelings, give yourself a writing task force yourself every day, the most complete, each article, go from different angles, as far as possible to the divergent thinking of their own, rather than inherent thinking style.

as a science background, writing is my short board, some people love science data, quantitative things, think this show has more ability to persuade, not love some rhetoric, as modified Never mind and science, but if we carefully will find that, no matter what we are professional, all cannot do without words, reports, papers and so on, and text on the brand can not be separated. There are many articles on the subject and let our brain formation because the mindset of the network, and the method of how to get yourself out of this mindset, in fact, thinking is not what is not good, he can let us in some unexpected incidents, or when the condition of rapid reaction, and the fastest to avoid accidents expand. If we want to improve our writing ability, we must understand the basic thinking.


thinking style to some extent restricts our creation

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