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The development process of a fresh O2O start-up company have experienced from prosperity to declin

O2O is the concept of the year before the fire started, whether traditional or Internet Co, with the word "O2O" is a great story, but from the second half of last year, many days become sad, closures, layoffs, was purchased as follow O2O enterprise ". I also experienced a fresh O2O, starting from 2014 to 2015 to 2016 the brilliant recession of the past two years, I have mixed feelings filled with a thousand regrets.


I worked before the location of palm speed convenience store community fresh O2O company, its main mode is to cooperate with the community around the small shops, to provide consumers with online, fresh dairy products, lo, snacks, drinks and other food store 1 hours delivery service, customer orders in APP, near the location by the user the small shop to complete the corresponding order distribution. From the point of view of the supply chain, from our focus to the upstream manufacturers / distributors to purchase goods, earn the difference between the sales price, the store is responsible for the storage of goods and customer order fulfillment distribution, participate in the distribution of gross profit margin.

company has a clear business model, but in the entire industry to burn war, in the third stage began healthy revenue, when subjected to the winter capital, it’s too late. In this process, my biggest feeling is:

1, the company even in cash flow is abundant, rapid development, must have a deep sense of crisis, must understand and comply with the industry characteristics and business nature;

2, from the beginning, enterprises need to think about the problem from the user’s point of view: what is the user really need? And why users pay? You can meet the requirements of users what? What is your user existence value? This value determines what you are;

3, must pay attention to the endogenous growth, rather than simply to "burn, otherwise will spoil things by excessive enthusiasm" run. At the same time, the user experience of the cost should be reasonable, the user experience is sure to bring the related revenue, or just looks beautiful "mirage".

two years of experience is very valuable, may be in other industries have always been unable to experience. So, I took two years and the company has gone through the development process, as well as bypassing and did not go around those pits, summed up and share with you, also welcome to discuss the message with me. (because I am responsible for online promotion, and directly attributable to the operations center, regardless of the job functions or business coordination and operation are combined very closely, so the following is mainly composed of online promotion and operation aspects.


first phase: from 0 to 1 (April 2014 -2015)

on-line from April 2014 to 9 months at the end of 2014, the focus of the company in the distribution line under the cooperation covering small shops. Overall, the focus of this stage is the integration of resources and the early stages of the layout of the building,

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