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Google grammar ntroduction (2)

special grammar

in addition to the basic AND, OR connectors, Google also provides advanced search syntax.

intitle: limit your search page title.Allintitle: search keyword ". All constitute the title but do not use the recommended allintitle: grammar, because he and other grammatical combination effect is not good.

intitle:" georgebush"

allintitle:" moneysupply" economics

inurl: is used to search the web page contains the syntax of the URL. search on the search page to help the class of useful.

allinurl: features similar to allintitle: but also does not recommend the use of.



intext: only searches for the text contained in the page section (i.e., ignoring the title, URL, etc.).

allintext: is not recommended for use with.



inanchor: search connection contains anchor tag. Anchor tag refers to the connection labeled
inanchor:" tompeters"

site: can limit your search domain name.


link: can get an all contain a specified URL page list. For example can get all connected to the Google page. Don’t worry about http://s., in fact even if you enter the Google will ignore the

cache: search page copy of the Google index, even if he had URL do not exist or has been completely changed, this part is for the page change frequently search. If Google can not search the keywords you enter, you will likely see is Google with the latest page cache.

daterange: specific time limit the search retrieval.

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