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How to promote the B2C website

B2C on the website to promote, recently saw many novice webmaster asked in this topic, in the usual work of some local business executives to me, then I will take out the operation here own promotion methods to share with you, in fact I was a rookie, I hope that friends a lot,


I officially joined the XX company from June, is responsible for the next B2C site operation and promotion work, has been nearly 4 months, the first brief introduction to my company’s website.

Our company is engaged in the

retail company officially licensed mobile phone, to carry out network marketing in June, hoping to bring some Internet sales to the enterprise, then set up a team in charge of the matter. The company in 1 years ago is already like on the Internet to do something, but I have not been able to find people to do so, until now, but the domain name server ah, early bought casually on the Internet under a program to do a show site, due to find professionals so the website re revision to enter the B2C market, after the development of several months, the site is as follows:

PV8000+ day IP2000+ current traffic is relatively stable, not a small increase.

Google Sogou Alexa Rank: 1561491 China Rank: Rank:45 78303


search engine included:

Baidu Google Sogou Soso Yodao Yahoo Live

209015001836210918 401 259

site traffic forty percent of which comes from the search engine, the source of the twenty percent is the user access to other sites, the other is the natural input. For the current situation of the site, to be honest, my personal and company are not satisfied, because spent a lot of effort in this piece, but suffer from a lack of technology, talents, resources factors have to the status quo.


crap, entered, share my experience.

1, because our economy is relatively backward, in a three city traffic jam, a serious lack of Internet related personnel, especially the technical aspects, so do the ugly website home page, only slightly the audience, ha ha. In the site, first of all do company data (especially important, as a B2C website, the company’s data to improve as much as possible, such as company introduction, business license photos, office photos, telephone, address and so on, the relevant certificate), these things better, otherwise it is difficult to achieve foreign customers trust, because there are too many online fraud.

2, upload product information, photos; here to pay attention to product images and information

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