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When you’re overwhelmed with admiration for, you may have caught!


often see this theme in many places:


new media title is too good, no wonder


have these 10 qualities, you will succeed!

Shanghai a migrant workers rape female college students, guard against migrant workers!

in my opinion, it is wrong to mislead the logic, I found that now we all love to many things causality upside down, then pushed to the conclusion, which is caused by fruit, such as "what is the quality of 10, you will be successful", these 10 qualities will become a success? Not at all. These are based on the 10 quality some people have successfully sorted out.

you will find indeed many successful people have these qualities, but these qualities will be successful? Sorry, you have been caught, here, because success is 10, quality of fruit, is because of the success, so be summed up these qualities. A lot of people put the 10 quality as a result of success as a result.


say "Durex Durex" title, so successful, but this is because like a seamless heavenly robe, the success of Durex, so that its title backstepping is good, you will feel so right. The hammer phone title is better, the success of it?

is especially famous for "useless", University lists many successful people drop out before success, then that is not necessary for college, unchastened, seemed to say with the real thing, you see those people so successful, but others had dropped out of school, what you read so many books? That is not the same without success. Said

actually speechless!


but you think, is dropping out leads to success? Success is a result, but drop out is the reason? Here is just a group of people to summarize the successful people a common feature, then the backstepping (dropouts) over. We want to change, to find a large number of highly educated people, it does not prove that the University useful?

so, this is a serious error of logic, is wrong to reverse causality, but you are not aware of what had been caught,

, isn’t it?

there are some news that a lot of female college students are migrant workers, a lot of people come to the conclusion: migrant workers are bad. This idea is terrible, it is because migrant workers, so rape female students? Shit!

The same is true of the

principle, reversing the causal error.

so what exactly is the cause of the reversal of causality


people are always based on the visual experience of things to make judgments, we can see the experience can be divided into two categories: self accumulation of intuitive experience and learn from others indirect

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