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The original value of the blog

Wang Haiying, a marketing expert in the field of marketing, the last three months, there have been four customers through the blog to find him, not only to talk about business cooperation, but found that each other has a common language. But in the words of Wang Haiying, his performance is good, not through the blog to deliberately marketing their own ideas, he is expressing their true marketing experience to write a blog, let the outside world really understand him and his enterprise.


with straightforward attitude of seeking truth

      Wang Haiying and the "successful marketing" reporter’s talk, from first to last reveals a original, straightforward attitude of truth blog concept. He believes that if the blog is deliberately to do, the blog has become a place of performance, rather than a free position. In the blog on the show is his most objectionable, whether a blogger or blog readers are longing for spiritual freedom, because they are accustomed to seeing the stereotype of the text, it is expected to find free fresh air on the blog.

      therefore, Wang Haiying will try to write their own blog more vivid, combined with his own experience to the marketing theory is easy to express, but he did not want to do too much marketing blog taste. Wang Haiying’s blog is life, true to life, rather than a purely marketing tool. This effort, so that Wang Haiying’s blog has a unique personality temperament.

      the value of blog advertising, Wang Haiying believes that the mirror is the soul of the blog users, if to the development of commercial value, deliberately arrange advertising, blog will lose the charm. The blog is to have a brilliant future promotion of individual marketing, as a marketing person, as long as there is good marketing strategies and methods, have a deep understanding of marketing, but also the true expression of their own ideas, can be harvested by blog. "The biggest difference between the Internet and print media lies in its interaction, others can make feedback to you, and you published an article in the newspaper, others are difficult to make feedback on your blog, just like a mirror, the basic work done, others will accept you, the commercial value of the blog also out".

blog popularity = celebrity (famous brand) + controversy + scandal

      Wang Haiying believes that many people will be addicted to blogging, and many people will be addicted to the blog. But what kind of blog popularity? Wang Haiying took his analogy, "my blog encountered such a situation, professional articles click rate does not go up, but when I put the professional articles and some hot events together, click rate will go up. For example, when I was concerned about the real estate, wrote the article "Zhang Yu’s theory of sexual transactions and real estate", click on the rate reached tens of thousands. Of course, this is a good way to attract attention." Wang Haiying believes that this is an adaptation of the blog to the media environment.


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