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Talk about the promotion from the transmitter station

said the word optical transceiver, estimated that many people do not know, but the transmitter is a word most popular in network communication. But why from the transmitter to talk about the promotion of enterprise stand? Directly into the question, here to talk about a promotion of enterprise website.

Prior to

, let me introduce myself, I am transmitter site operators, the company is mainly engaged in optical network communication equipment. The development of network communication industry has many years of history, the fierce competition, how to make a small enterprise to talent shows itself in many executive search? Promotion problem which relates to a station of the enterprise.

first, the promotion of enterprise station is nothing more than the promotion of corporate image, product promotion, etc.. Enterprise station is different from other stations, enterprise website represents the image of an enterprise. The design of the site is not only beautiful, but also practical, to adapt to the development of search engines. The website design must consider the user experience, to consider from the user’s point of view, how convenient on how to design, but also to consider from different user needs, make a reasonable design scheme, in order to adapt to the majority of users, of course, also want to consider from the perspective of aesthetics.

second, after the site is designed, the next job is to do publicity on corporate image. In the vast Internet, in order to let people know and agree with your business, you have to do a lot of promotion and publicity. Event marketing is nothing more than the best marketing model for business choice. Here’s why to choose event marketing and how to run event marketing

?The so-called

event marketing is an enterprise through the planning, organization and utilization of celebrity effect, news value and social influence of the character or event of interest and concern to attract media, social organizations and consumers, in order to improve the visibility and reputation of the enterprise or product, establish a good brand image, and eventually led to the sale of products or services the purpose of a marketing tools and methods.


event marketing but can avoid the interference caused by multi media, provide effective information dissemination, quickly grasp the public "eye", taking advantage of the brand visibility.

event marketing notes:

(1) title should be eye-catching.

(2) article shoulds not be too long.

(3) is best equipped with pictures and video audio and other forms of complaint table.

(4) event marketing in the event of the benefits to consumers should be related to the event itself has a certain degree of relevance, to bring some benefits to consumers.

(5) network event marketing needs public participation.

(6), of course, event marketing can not utilitarian too strong.

third, is to do the promotion of enterprise products, which is very important, related to the effectiveness of a business. The birth of a new product must go through a great deal of publicity

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