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From the patient’s psychology to do private hospital marketing

to "low level, wide coverage" as the characteristics of the medical insurance system reform and the reform of the medical and health system (hereinafter referred to as the two reform) has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The "two reforms" bring a wide range of fierce competition, which brings unprecedented impact to private hospitals. It is urgent to strengthen the reform and management of private hospitals to enhance the competitiveness of hospitals.

Patient Choosing Doctor psychological two reform, the most important one is to expand the choice of hospitals and doctors and patients to establish a personal account, the doctor does not see a doctor, how much money to see a doctor, more cautious; choose which hospital to see a doctor, choose which doctor, more freedom. So that the traditional hospital based seller’s market turns to the patient based buyer’s market. Therefore, it is necessary to first understand how patients choose hospitals and doctors. We assume that a patient first time, generally have the following four processes:

1, there is no disease? Feel uncomfortable, think of the first question first, there is no disease? There are two answers: all right, do not see the doctor (or their pharmacy); no need to see a doctor (what ill). Second kinds of psychological people become potential patients in hospital. This person may or may not have the disease, disease, probably is a minor illness, may also be a serious illness. The patient’s heart is not practical, inevitably impatient.

2, where to go to see a doctor who feel sick the second step is to choose the hospital. Before they know whether they are really ill, patients tend to choose the nearest hospital. The nearest figure is convenient, looking for a large hospital is high credibility. The patient wants to be diagnosed as soon as possible. Sure is a minor illness (such as colds, sore throat) of patients for fear of big hospital people, trouble, time consuming, and choose the nearest hospital.

3, who to see a doctor? Into the hospital, emergency medical emergency, non – emergency clinic. Emergency duty doctor, no selectivity. Doctors have the level of seniority differences, you can choose. At this time the heart is very nervous patients waiting to see the experts, the heart of the patient can not accept the ordinary doctor. If you are experts, to the satisfaction of all patients, selective attenuation. Difficult disease more demand for well-known experts.

4, how to look at the process of seeing a doctor, the patient has a basic impression and evaluation of the hospital and the doctor, the doctor (including inspectors) attitude is critical. Take medicine or hospitalization the actual treatment process after the end of treatment, the patient will make an overall evaluation of the hospital, medical service? How? Next time is still here? The evaluation of patient choice of hospital is crucial again. In this regard, it is necessary for us to analyze the factors of hospital evaluation.

1, the disease is not good?. This is the effect comparison. 2, money worth? Value, worth, okay. This is an economic comparison. 3, the time? Short, long, you can also. This is a comparison of the time. 4, how do you feel? Well, not good. This is the feeling comparison. For instance

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