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Who defines the price of our products

in the marketing aspect, the importance of pricing is very easy to be ignored, Baidu’s bidding system but the pricing strategy of playing in the applause, the bigger the benefit maximization, and when we pricing in the marketing process is often repeatedly committed never thought but there has been a mistake, it is worth pondering.

An article in

free reading, the reader completely without money, but the intrinsic reward system allows the author to earn hundreds or even thousands of yuan, WeChat rewards why so useful? The price is the lifeline of the enterprise, is the focus of marketing, pricing is not always the game, nor shoot thigh can be determined things.

talk about common pricing mistakes.


1: simple cost plus

through the calculation of product costs, the cost of advertising marketing, human and material costs, and then convert the final cost of the product, and then on the basis of the cost of floating percentage, the final price.

such pricing, as long as it is able to count the people can be calculated, and such a cost calculation is one of the most common errors.

a domestic mobile phone pricing for 500 yuan, a South Korean mobile phone pricing is $5000, the process is completely consistent with the material, why the South Korean mobile phone sales are greater than $500?

even the original production of mobile phones is the source of Korean mobile phone. 10 times the gap, including brand strategy, consumer psychology and other pricing factors.

simple cost plus pricing, is certain to avoid making the same mistakes.


2: follow the competition

opponent how much money the product according to the opponent to pricing, through the comparison on the quality of products, pricing market sales price curve, while neglecting the opponent is actually shot thigh set prices, causing confusion in the market price, a price war, we did not earn. And this is a case in It is often seen. major C2C platform Taobao Tmall, and die after all is not the manufacturer, but the sales trading company.

think before read some articles, Luo Yonghao wrote to the hammer mobile phone when a variety of unreasonable pricing, the cost of more is to blame the small Luo idiotic pricing, Xiao Bian is idiotic.


3: depending on the consumer

stand in the consumer’s point of view, the fictional consumer spending power, the development of consumer prices from historical data, in order to go beyond the history of sales, but also unreasonable. Popular double eleven, told all of the electricity supplier industry, consumer spending power is no bottom line, hundreds of billions of spending power just play it, there is more room for development.

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