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Novice blog promotion from imitation

blog promotion, has always been a novice webmaster, blogger pain. Before my blog very miserable, IP less than 5.

traffic is too small, low popularity, no one visit, how to do?

imitate it, I imitate the lusongsong blog. About lusongsong, I believe more people are aware of the popularity of the blog, tewang? How did he do it,


I think this is some: write text, blog visits, even outside, interaction. SEO,

the following is my personal experience of feeling it, do not laugh at me.

write soft: his blog to write the basic is very valuable article, soft Wen, light this, will attract a lot of repeat customers. Your blog popularity is less, have you ever thought of your blog is published what is the article, log? Whether to consider planning? Send some useful articles?

I believe this:

visits for the blog, website promotion is very important, novice bloggers generally very few people know, nobody knows, nobody visited, the importance of blog visits came out before the lusongsong promotion blog, every day like access to more than and 200 blog comments. In the flow, persevere, valuable articles, and blog, repeat naturally more, see here, to understand the importance of blog visits


: even here relates to write text, to write a good article, not attached the names of the connection, published in relatively large sites, such as Admin5, wrote a good article, see many people, people will naturally reproduced, reproduced, even more, PR will slowly come up.

interactive: a popular blog is not too much, the interaction is also very important, some people come to visit your blog, comments or evaluation, don’t leave their comments with no written reply, comment or message, and users to communicate it, otherwise people will think you are arrogant, then miserable. Don’t come next time.

SEO: do SEO, it seems that a lot of people engaged in black connection, dark connection, which I am still learning, not too much to understand, to be studied.

that’s what I do now, my blog traffic in more than 50, each log recovery in more than 30, for the novice webmaster, is a very good comfort, but still to be done, we work together. Welcome all of you to discuss the exchange of experience and I.

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