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Tuniu find the Godfather hold the thigh Jingdong to build a moat

[Abstract] now the way cattle do not lack of funds, also no shortage of traffic outside, do not have to worry about the way cattle may collapse.


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on May 9th

online market competition forced tuniu looking for a more secure border. Tuniu and Jingdong jointly announced on Friday that, Jingdong and other investors signed an agreement with the way cattle, cattle will receive a $500 million investment. Jingdong shares accounted for 27.5%, becoming the largest shareholder.

according to the terms of the agreement, the Jingdong will conduct in-depth strategic cooperation with the way cattle. Jingdong will invest a total of $350 million to subscribe for shares tuniu, including $250 million in cash and $100 million to provide resources and operational support to the way cattle.

SEC file disclosure tuniu until March 31, 2015 when the equity structure of the

this is the second in December 2014 the Jingdong $50 million stake in the way cattle, the online travel market of the biggest Jingdong.

according to the way cattle submitted to the SEC annual report documents show that the Jingdong shares, the way cattle duright CEO total holdings of 16883246 shares, accounting for 8.8% of the total share capital, with 9.8% of the voting rights.


COO Yan Haifeng holds 13409740 shares, accounting for 7% of the total share capital, with 6.7% of the vote; tuniu DCM shareholders holding 31079512 shares, accounting for 16.4% of the total share capital, with 23.5% of the vote.

although Jingdong holds 12436780 shares, accounting for the total share capital of 6.5%, but only about 1.1% of the voting rights.

Due to the way cattle

1 shares of class B common stock owned 10 shares of class a common stock voting rights, although the way cattle issued 93808630 shares of class a common stock, Jingdong accounted for 65666041 of shares, the Jingdong still only has about 6.38% of the voting rights.

however, the Jingdong shares way cattle has very important significance to each other.

a person involved in the transaction of investment sources: Jingdong strengths category is self-employed, other categories for the industry’s best customer experience and strengthen the operation of the company, the Jingdong as the largest shareholder, investment companies can also be Jingdong huge customer base to customer, this is a win-win.


"open mind, as long as the cake is big enough, you can dilute the value of looking back, otherwise the market once the missed opportunity won’t come back."

mentioned above refers to the market opportunity refers to the rapid growth of online holiday tourism in recent years. Analysis of the industry, the competition of online travel market may be in 2015 to 2016 this year, if not grasp the opportunity, the way cattle could be dangerous.


the current price of $17.26, a market capitalization of $810 million. In the eyes of some people

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