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in recent years, the scale of China’s B2B e-commerce transactions continued rapid growth in 07 years Chinese B2B e-commerce transaction size of 12500 yuan, is expected in 2008 will reach about 16200 yuan, 2009 transaction size is expected to reach 21300 yuan, the first quarter of the company has 161 thousand customers in the online marketing using the B2B search engine search marketing can have opportunity to bring order to the enterprise, more and more China enterprises began to use search engines to improve marketing performance. There are more and more small and medium enterprises to realize that the network is an inevitable way for business activities, but also an effective way to get orders. Especially in Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other developed areas, e-commerce has become an indispensable marketing tool for many enterprises. Third party B2B e-commerce platform is also increasing the number of. Among them, some of the vertical search engine web sites such as Marco Polo extraordinary performance. These platforms have played a positive role in reducing the operating costs of enterprises, showing the company’s products, increasing sales channels, improving corporate image and so on.

The traditional

network marketing, summed up the "website + promotion": enterprises to establish their own online platform, the enterprise and the product move to the Internet, and then select the network promotion products effectively, let more people know their own. More and more companies realize that only the investment is not output, it is not network marketing, network marketing must be a predictable investment, it is not the difference between the traditional business in nature.

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