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Based on Witkey experience 8823 Accommodation Network CEO

8823 accommodation network is the first set of hotel direct sales, professional hotel room sales of e-commerce platform, but also China’s first interactive online hotel room sales platform.

is more than the actual effect of part-time Witkey

Li Xuan is the 8823 Accommodation Network CEO, talk about the task was released at that time, I still remember very clearly. I would like to publish the site’s art design, so the Internet to find a part-time, inadvertently search to the pig eight quit." After the discovery of a phenomenon: in the pig eight quit on the job than in other part-time website recruitment advertising has a more practical effect. Pig eight quit task scope is national, and part-time classification of information or talent network, the limitations are relatively large, and pig eight quit on the Internet visibility and success stories.

in addition, Li Xuan in China after the network to see the pig eight quit network CEO interview, I feel very pragmatic, taking into account some of the basic problems of our grassroots, and spend the least money, do the most affordable thing.

worry that no good draft is redundant

in August 16, 2008, "in-depth understanding of the pig, believe more pig can really help me save more trouble, pay less money, there are a variety of options, let me more confidence to reward design of 8823 accommodation network. Because I think the direct selling network is very large, began to reward the task, the beginning also worried that the number of submissions will be less, the quality will not be bad. But in the end I worry is unnecessary, the task has been in progress, contribution has been growing, and the quality of the author’s design is getting better and better, to spend a lot of money please people designed programs ifheavier."

Li Xuanhua 1200 yuan reward for a day, a total of 2012 people concerned about this task, there are 30 people signed up for the delivery of the 17, the task is not only to obtain high-quality works, but also the equivalent of free advertising to the site.


Li Xuan said that the point is in want of perfection, the author of some time online, let us modify the communication can’t in a timely manner, hindered the process of site layout. But after the author’s phone has made up for this deficiency.

number of works does not mean good quality

The more the number of

"works, does not represent all the quality is the best, but most of the delivery have reached the professional level, the more good draft, draft selection also give us some screenwriters. How to select the most appropriate task to select the program, we have 8823 staff members of the housing network and the staff of the headquarters of the company to participate in the selection of contributions. Vote first selected entries, combined with the work tasks in the pig on the view of staff vote or score, finally decided to meet the public scheme." Li Xuan said in sharing the experience of the pig network release task.

task can save time and money

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