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How to improve the viscosity of WeChat operators and fans

WeChat operations, for us, in addition to our fans, we are most concerned about the quality of our fans. The quality of the fans, this is the most basic is how much of our reading, but from the most intuitive, the purpose of each of us, that is money. The quality of our fans is directly related to our money.

so how do we need to improve the year with fans?

first: content

is the core content of our operations, for us now, we do content is more and more difficult, we are now back to find that WeChat now many are made to copy the original, we also do well, may be the other report. There is now too much text watermark, watermark fine processing, but the video class it is difficult, because if we are to put the video watermark removed, so we also need to download, and then add their own watermark watermark and then uploaded to the Tencent after the removal, upload here will delay some at the time, that is particularly troublesome for video content. But the spread of the video after the watermark is quite large.

so, if we think these are more trouble, so we need to do is to look for more material channels, we still have a lot of material channels but we didn’t realize that there are a lot of material, some of the platform is very good, but for some video content is more trouble. Although other platforms have a video connection, but it only supports WeChat Tencent video link, it will take another two steps. This is for us, this is a little bit of Tencent do pit.

on other platforms, our best is to find the graphic class, which is very convenient for us to update, if there is if we find a good video, we can put the video content in the video to see if there are any Tencent, so then we can directly copy the link can be, but in many cases we are not looking at this time, we can try to enter keywords, it may be able to find.

second: active

any marketing is inseparable from the activities, this activity is for us to be true, so that our fans can really get benefits. This month for us fire is tomb notes, and pancake man, these are our young people love. But it’s all in need of money. We may also be able to find the video SkyDrive, if any, then we can directly preserved, issued to our fans, click on the link to go to see it. Or directly sent to members, this is very attractive for everyone. In fact, this price is not high, a dollar a month, but when we buy is basically less than how long, because an account is a lot of people use. After the use of a lot of people will lead to account can not be >

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