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150th WeChat powder absorbing skills of micro communities

from the media, the most failure is not loyal fans,

black millet (WeChat and QQ are: 78119008) I found that I was a member of the losers,

is not easy to have the opportunity to go to South Korea, look at the outside world, so that their own point of view, can be a back, found that the space log, low visibility.

immediately, I feel that life will not love again ~ ~ ~, because of you, these people, will only have to absorb the value of something from me,

once my article did not add the powder and WeChat related reference value, a IP is not for me, you guys, I remember when you dare come back ~ ~ ~, I promise not to kill you!

but, as a double character me back to reflect on their own, may I this person, the heart is really too dark, take too many things, so is God and Buddha two elderly people to play ~

actually, he wrote the article every day, has been a lot, whether it is friendship, or money, this is enough, really enough.

can I still think you are greedy, not greed, too strong, people will be tired, tired heart, it has no meaning, no fun, even playing well.

back 5 months ago, I never thought about going from the media this road to go so smoothly, play money, but also earn fame, this is completely play mentality to do.

in fact, I should thank all this is not very loyal fans, because of you, let me have such a harvest today,

at the same time, it is precisely because of your eyes, there is something not to share, so that I can not afford, no skill, who can be better than you have a reputation, this is actually the best reward for me,

that I still continue to share my "no ability, no skill for small, what do you think of dry cargo, none of my business, I feel good about myself. We do not for the money, continue to start again, since the media (WeChat Marketing), playing with the play, may also be able to make money.

said, this is a small start, not dry cargo, I don’t know, there is no use, I do not know, see see the wise thing, we do not argue, do not explain.

micro community – WeChat public background can be integrated with a function (discuz development team to do this).

this must be some people know, probably most of the rookie has not seen, right? We do not believe that information asymmetry, always exist.

we want to know what is a micro community, want to experience, you can pay attention to my friends do the public number of wood, as follows:



‘s attention, we enter >

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