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WeChat circle of friends marketing did not imagine so magical

we may have to pay attention to the side, there will be similar to such an example, including the Internet is also easy to see. Example is this: someone is going to open micro shop in the circle of friends is to sell products, * * * (especially selling mask, hear the most times), the beginning is very difficult, even a piece of goods are not sold, but after his repeated efforts and don’t give up, insist every day release the product, upload pictures, photo retouching and so on, finally return in the first month sold only less than 10 of a single case, second months and third months over several times, until the last less than a year has reached more than 300 thousand monthly trading volume. At the same time, you may also have such a person, every day in the circle of friends and even the WeChat QQ space will release such several dynamic, everyday, almost all pictures are, is used to display product sales are good, and I also saw the Alipay screenshot displayed, used to display a the month sales reached what level, people have a feeling of envy.


does all the WeChat circle of friends sales are so magical? Many people saw this news, my heart suddenly surging passion, enthusiasm, thinking that way to make money too easy, so he began to contact these friends. These friends often recruit agents of the national information display, then a part of people to join, then an agent has finished, two agents, in the course of time, this form of everybody knows, similar to pyramid schemes. This situation can not be said to be the case, but there have been and have a certain possibility. The reason lies in the WeChat circle of friends is an opaque flow in this place, at the same time, the so-called "circle of friends micro shop" mode without any trust mechanism as a guarantee, there is no guarantee that once cheated. The reason why this article referred to the WeChat circle of friends marketing is to talk about several aspects of WeChat circle of friends marketing.

first, WeChat circle of friends marketing needs to determine the authenticity. WeChat circle of friends is an opaque marketing entrance, all the information is customized by the end user, what pictures, commodity trading volume, the amount of bank card transactions, which are too easy to fake. So, in the judgment of a WeChat circle of friends marketing is true, you can through some data analysis and common sense to judge. For example, this friend screenshots released WeChat said one month trading amount is 300 thousand, the bill shot down, then the store is selling the mask, looking for relatives in a town store to sell goods, the average sales price in 10 yuan, is on sale to 30 thousand, assuming profit is 5 yuan / piece. Here, we may calculate will see the problem, one day earn 3w*5=15w yuan, so I believe that one day could net 15W people do not need every day in the circle of friends sent such screenshots to promotion to the sun bill.

secondly, the content of WeChat circle of friends has some limitations. WeChat circle of friends

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