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Adsense take the initiative to find traffic

see many webmaster every day SEO, I feel shy to write articles, I only know a coat for SEO, will only modify the title, modify the keyword selection and arrangement, website optimization program, then every day where the dream of waiting to receive traffic, but it is X. Face received traffic, Baidu included thousands of good mood, bad mood, drop right even K station, I talk about my own little experience.

: a

head manufacturing howl

regardless of politics or entertainment, hype is often the fastest and most effective way to promote the popularity of the same way for the webmaster circles. Webmaster every day is in the first media (Network) before work, is the first time to know the latest things, see which things may fire, put their own station and pull it on, I have been using a television network ant door event obtained on IP7000 performance, the movie website how with a door event together? I use online article screenshot own recorded short video, and then publish their own site, finally worry about their site right high enough, not included in the video as soon as possible, so the head and tail of the video with a website address, and posted 56, potatoes, Youku and other large power high weight website. The results of the release of more than 1 hours, the video was included in the Baidu video search, during which time a lot of traffic, of course, but also retain a lot of repeat customers.

two: soft Wen skills

soft Wen wrote, but increase the chain only, soft Wen write well, many websites will increase the stability of the customer, of course, your site must have substantial content, recommended here want to increase the weight of the chain of soft Wen released to the webmaster nets, recommended here, original content released to the webmaster nets and although it is soft, as long as there is a remarkable content, I believe will give through the editor. If you want to increase customers, this recommendation issued in and your website content related websites, such as my third station I create a platform for learning the webmaster is related to technology, programming language knowledge, so I often sent to all soft computer colleges on the altar, or send to network programming forum, we want to seize the customer, must be a point to point to publicity.

three: buy ad sell ad

may be your site every day to IP only rarely, but there are several IP platform Ali mother advertising can be sold, of course, your price should be appropriate, your site 10IP/, you can put 100 yuan, who will buy? Mom 0.1 yuan advertising more is that your advertising may also sell 0.1 yuan, but you can sell advertising money again to buy advertising, my site is so mixed over the early stages of development, the time of day by buying and selling ads to IP with dozens of, as for what you buy a good advertising, this kind of I will not reach the skills, you can go to the webmaster forum or Ali mother community to communicate, learn to take.


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