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Why real estate intermediary information on the nternet encirclement and suppression ashes

share in the information age, Internet has been able to all the information data, more and more Internet provides reliable information for many users, the virtual information allows the dissemination of information has more safety and timeliness, for some information industry is not necessarily a good thing, because they may lose their jobs and the Internet has upended many industries, more and more traditional industries are disappeared, the traditional real estate intermediary due to Internet information to the public is increasingly surrounded by Internet information, business is declining, more and more traditional real estate intermediary has become the information age of slaves, how to become an important aspect in the development of the information from the ashes of time.

information age was thrown into the black hole

with big data and the Internet to follow up, more and more real estate intermediary website began to rise, including market and website SouFun has become the Internet era, the Internet real estate platform star, and, according to the 58 media advertising alliance data show that the current national intelligent mobile phone users reached 500 million, there are 14% users every day online shopping, online traffic brought considerable it is the Internet real estate mobile platform, and the traditional real estate due to lack of information, information has fallen into a "black hole" and the deeper, the Internet information age has become an important way to subvert the traditional real estate intermediary, real estate intermediary living space is becoming smaller.

looking for "light" in the dark forest

said that although many real estate intermediary has been replaced by the rise of the platform, but after all, the line is an important link in the development of the real economy, a growing number of real estate intermediary in the sense that the impact of the Internet at the same time, actively involved in the development of the Internet, set up their own Internet platform, the development of effective ways to broaden the use online and offline channels, many of the traditional real estate intermediary, the line in two routes is the best selection mode, follow up in the information age without losing the advantages of the traditional offline marketing, Internet era although let the traditional real estate intermediary in the "black hole" crisis, but actively embrace the Internet is behind a combination of traditional power and now the era of great significance in promoting development.

visitors to tenants, users have to get the world

whether the Internet information platform with or without the traditional real estate intermediary platform, but the most important is for the traffic aggregation, users in the world is the only way of development, users become a tool of traditional real estate intermediary "encirclement and suppression", and the ashes of the magic, the construction of the platform is to provide effective way of agglomeration. The flow so do the double flow online and offline is of great significance for the real estate agency, information platform construction efforts will be "visitors" to "tenants", by more effective means to attract users to experience the next line, more traffic groups into tangible benefits, through the development of effective way continuously enriched with the line on the line of traditional enterprises.

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