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The relationship between the development of WeChat business model and enterprise

WeChat marketing in today is not a rare thing, a lot of enterprises, not only large enterprises, more small and medium-sized enterprises began to realize the effectiveness and convenience of WeChat marketing, from a specific aspect for the enterprise brand and business development provides a lot of boost, WeChat marketing is a new form of electronic commerce perfect products, and mobile e-commerce as a form of e-commerce for enterprises to provide a lot of opportunities, WeChat mobile e-commerce terminal marketing is the best representative case, before we know WeChat marketing enterprises, first is to understand the mobile e-commerce which has brought opportunities to the enterprise


a, accurate and fast channel. The future of marketing does not need too many channels, only need to enter the mobile terminal equipment to consumers, for example, in recent years the popularity of smart mobile phone, regardless of Android, IOS or WP system to provide users with massive application of intelligent APP, another tablet computer and smart watches and other science and technology revolution, gradually change deeply and are more representative our end of life. Different from the traditional Internet marketing is the dissemination of information more quickly, more accurate, more interactive, and the construction of the channel can be built by the enterprise itself.

two, mobile providers lower cost. The traditional network marketing cost flow only with the passage of time will rise higher, this is for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in network marketing channel is the development trend of negative, increasing marketing costs, increase the small and medium-sized enterprise development and the pace of transformation, so wide in small and medium-sized enterprises can not get the stage effective and rapid progress. For example, the Hefei local enterprises as a decoration company, founded nine years ago, have tried a variety of network marketing mode, such as search engine bidding, customer development cooperation forum, but also the problems encountered with the increase of competition and the electronic commerce the same attention and makes the original marketing channels carved up, difficult the industry has become increasingly competitive. Mobile Internet is not only the next generation of the Internet, but also the next flow kingdom. Flow for the road, mobile electricity supplier has just begun, companies should quickly seize the initiative, as the year’s ma.

three, opportunities for integration of Internet and things. The Internet is a new concept in recent years, the majority of people is relatively unfamiliar, so the majority of small and medium sized enterprises is the same as before, the author in the leisure and decoration company with the industry colleagues and people who talk about the term, most people’s reaction is never heard, it may be not caused by this correlation results. But the combination of mobile Internet and the Internet of things will generate more business opportunities for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, with the help of this, enterprises can quickly enhance the ability of innovation and new business channels to promote their own brands, more conducive to the rapid transformation of the majority of small and medium sized enterprises. For example, before the industry brand promotion channels only in websites and forums, contact the WeChat mobile terminal in e-commerce channels, business coverage made adjustment again, the marketing team to develop a new work plan in improving the decoration of public.

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